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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: provide a fallback for PAGE_KERNEL_RO for architectures
On Wed, May 09, 2018 at 01:04:38AM +0000, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 08:18:10PM -0700, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> >
> > The rest of the kernel was falling back to simple PAGE_KERNEL pages; using
> > PAGE_KERNEL_RO and PAGE_KERNEL_EXEC provide better protection against
> > unintended writes.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Matthew Wilcox <>
> Nice, should I queue this into my series as well?

A little reluctant to queue it without anyone having tested it. Heck,
I didn't even check it compiled ;-)

We used to just break architectures and let them fix it up for this kind
of thing. That's not really acceptable nowadays, but I don't know how
we get arch maintainers to fix up their ports now.

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