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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/4] mhi_bus: core: Add support for MHI host interface

> MHI Host Interface is a communication protocol to be used by the host
> to control and communcate with modem over a high speed peripheral bus.
> This module will allow host to communicate with external devices that
> support MHI protocol.

I have Motorola Droid 4 cellphone here, with Qualcomm GSM modem. But
it talks over serial line and USB. I guess MHI is not applicable to my

> +MHI Devices
> +-----------
> +Logical device that bind to maximum of two physical MHI channels. Once MHI is in
> +powered on state, each supported channel by controller will be allocated as a
> +mhi_device.

What kind of protocol is running over MHI? I guess its not AT
commands. QMI? Or something entirely different?
(cesky, pictures)

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