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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/4] bus: fsl-mc: add restool userspace support
Hi Andrew,

On 04/05/2018 03:48 PM, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> Hi Laurentiu
>>> So i can use switchdev without it? I can modprobe the switchdev
>>> driver, all the physical interfaces will appear, and i can use ip addr
>>> add etc. I do not need to use a user space tool at all in order to use
>>> the network functionality?
>> Absolutely!
> Great.
> Then the easiest way forwards is to simply drop the IOCTL code for the
> moment. Get the basic support for the hardware into the kernel
> first. Then come back later to look at dynamic behaviour which needs
> some form of configuration.

Hmm, not sure I understand. We already have a fully functional ethernet
driver [1] and a switch driver [2] ...

>> In normal use cases the system designer, depending on the requirements,
>> configures the various devices that it desires through a firmware
>> configuration (think something like a device tree). The devices
>> configured are presented on the mc-bus and probed normally by the
>> kernel. The standard networking linux tools can be used as expected.
> So what you should probably do is start a discussion on what this
> device tree binding looks like. But you need to be careful even
> here. Device tree describes the hardware, not how you configure the
> hardware. So maybe DT does not actually fit.

It's not an actual device tree, but a configuration file that happens to
reuse the DTS format. I guess my analogy with a device tree was not the
Detailed documentation on the syntax can be found here [3], chapter 22.


Best Regards, Laurentiu
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