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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/4] bus: fsl-mc: add restool userspace support
> > Hi Laurentiu
> >
> > So i can use switchdev without it? I can modprobe the switchdev
> > driver, all the physical interfaces will appear, and i can use ip addr
> > add etc. I do not need to use a user space tool at all in order to use
> > the network functionality?
> Absolutely!


Then the easiest way forwards is to simply drop the IOCTL code for the
moment. Get the basic support for the hardware into the kernel
first. Then come back later to look at dynamic behaviour which needs
some form of configuration.

> In normal use cases the system designer, depending on the requirements,
> configures the various devices that it desires through a firmware
> configuration (think something like a device tree). The devices
> configured are presented on the mc-bus and probed normally by the
> kernel. The standard networking linux tools can be used as expected.

So what you should probably do is start a discussion on what this
device tree binding looks like. But you need to be careful even
here. Device tree describes the hardware, not how you configure the
hardware. So maybe DT does not actually fit.


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