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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Documentation/features: Provide and apply ""

* Andrea Parri <> wrote:

> In Ingo's words [1]:
> "[...] what should be done instead is to write a script that refreshes
> all the arch-support.txt files in-place. [...]
> It's OK for the script to have various quirks for weirdly implemented
> features and exceptions: i.e. basically whenever it gets a feature wrong,
> we can just tweak the script with quirks to make it all work out of box.
> [...] But in the end there should only be a single new script:
> Documentation/features/scripts/
> ... which operates on the arch-support.txt files and refreshes them in
> place, and which, after all the refreshes have been committed, should
> produce an empty 'git diff' result."
> "[...] New features can then be added by basically just creating a
> header-only arch-support.txt file, such as:
> triton:~/tip/Documentation/features> cat foo/bar/arch-support.txt
> #
> # Feature name: shiny new fubar kernel feature
> # Kconfig: ARCH_USE_FUBAR
> # description: arch supports the fubar feature
> #
> And running Documentation/features/scripts/ would
> auto-generate the arch support matrix. [...]
> This way we soft- decouple the refreshing of the entries from the
> introduction of the features, while still making it all easy to keep
> sync and to extend."
> This RFC presents a first attempt to implement such a feature/script, and
> applies it script on top of Arnd's:
> git:// arch-removal
> Patch 1/3 provides the "" script. Patch 2/3 removes the
> "BPF-JIT" feature file and it creates header-only files for "cBPF-JIT" and
> "eBPF-JIT". Patch 3/3 presents the results of running the script; this run
> also printed to standard output the following warnings:
> WARNING: '__HAVE_ARCH_STRNCASECMP' is not a valid Kconfig
> WARNING: 'Optimized asm/rwsem.h' is not a valid Kconfig
> WARNING: '!ARCH_USES_GETTIMEOFFSET' is not a valid Kconfig
> WARNING: '__HAVE_ARCH_PTE_SPECIAL' is not a valid Kconfig
> (I'm sending these patches with empty commit messagges, for early feedback:
> I'll fill in these messages in subsequent versions if this makes sense...)
> Cheers,
> Andrea
> Andrea Parri (3):
> Documentation/features: Add script that refreshes the arch support status files in place
> Documentation/features/core: Add arch support status files for 'cBPF-JIT' and 'eBPF-JIT'
> Documentation/features: Refresh and auto-generate the arch support status files in place

Ok, this series is really impressive at its RFC stage already!

Beyond fixing those warnings, I'd also suggest another change: please make the
new BPF features patch the last one, so that the 'refresh' patch shows how much
original bit-rot we gathered recently.

The 'new features' patch should then also include the result of also running the
script, i.e. a single patch adding the base fields and the generated parts as
well. That will be the usual development flow anyway - people won't do two-part
patches just to show which bits are by hand and which are auto-generated.



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