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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] i2c: i801: blacklist Host Notify on HP EliteBook G3 850
Am Mon,  2 Apr 2018 08:34:35 -0400
schrieb Jason Andryuk <>:

> The HP EliteBook G3 850 has a weird bug where a subsequent cold boot
> hangs while plugged in if Linux enables the Host Notify features of
> i2c-i801. The cold boot hang depends on how the system boots. It
> does not hang on UEFI Grub text boot or legacy Grub text boot. But
> it does hang on legacy Grub graphical boot and Intel Boot Agent PXE
> text boot. Booting unplugged is not affected.
> Disabling the Host Notify feature with disable_feature=0x20 works
> around the bug, so automatically do so based on DMI information.
> More information can be found here:

I'm faced with similar cold boot issues on my HP ProBook 430 G4 model.
Trying your hint with adding
"options i2c_i801 disable_features=0x20"
to /etc/modprobe.d/i2c_i801.conf doesn't seem to solve it for me.

root@laptop64:/root # systool -v -m
i2c_i801 Module = "i2c_i801"

coresize = "28672"
initsize = "0"
initstate = "live"
refcnt = "0"
srcversion = "A40BF457CFB8C7887EB2045"
taint = ""
uevent = <store method only>

disable_features = "32"

.bss = "0xffffffffc0801800"
.data = "0xffffffffc0801120"
.exit.text = "0xffffffffc07fe463"
.gnu.linkonce.this_module= "0xffffffffc08014c0"
.init.text = "0xffffffffc070b000" = "0xffffffffc07ff000"
.orc_unwind = "0xffffffffc0800140"
.orc_unwind_ip = "0xffffffffc07ffe38"
.parainstructions = "0xffffffffc07ff548"
.rodata.str1.1 = "0xffffffffc07ff284"
.rodata.str1.8 = "0xffffffffc07ff028"
.rodata = "0xffffffffc07ff560"
.smp_locks = "0xffffffffc07ff280"
.strtab = "0xffffffffc070d350"
.symtab = "0xffffffffc070c000"
.text = "0xffffffffc07fc000"
__jump_table = "0xffffffffc0801000"
__mcount_loc = "0xffffffffc08005d0"
__param = "0xffffffffc07ffe10"
__verbose = "0xffffffffc0801220"

My system boots legacy grub in text mode (KMS) and seems to keep hanging
even with that option set.

Do you have any further idea?

Arch linux
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