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SubjectRe: call/normal switch was Re: omap4-droid4: voice call support was

> > OK thanks for checking. So probably only n_gsm channel 1 is for normal
> > Qualcomm at commands, and then channel 2 and others are commands
> > implemented by Motorola on the mdm6600.
> >
> > I guess we'd have to add support for reading and writing to
> > /dev/gsmtty2 at least as it looks like these cannot be accessed
> > via /dev/ttyUSB4. Or at least I have not figured out any other
> > way to access them.
> Hmm or maybe there is some way to select where qmi to tunnels the
> AT commands to? Some kind of channel type paramenter like n_gsm
> has?
> Anyways, for trying to figure out things for alsamixer, I tested
> that ngsm 2 "AT+EACC=3,0" is not related to cpcap audio register
> settings and the mic is enabled during the call with Pavel's patch
> with alsamixer "Mode" set to either "Call" or "Normal". Also speaker
> keeps working during the call toggling between "Call" and "Normal".
> "Voice" in alsamixer does also control the speaker volume during
> the call. And setting the second "Speaker" from "Voice" to "HiFi"
> mutes the speaker.

Take a look at the patch. Selecting "call" does something at hardware
level, selecting "normal" is a nop.

Sorry for confusion.

Yes, that patch needs more work.


(cesky, pictures)

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