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SubjectRe: Linux messages full of `random: get_random_u32 called from`
On 04/29/2018 03:05 PM, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> What would be useful is if people gave reports that listed exactly
> what laptop and distributions they are using. Just "a high spec x86
> laptop" isn't terribly useful, because*my* brand-new Dell XPS 13
> running Debian testing is working just fine. The year, model, make,
> and CPU type plus what distribution (and distro version number) you
> are running is useful, so I can assess how wide spread the unhappiness
> is going to be, and what mitigation steps make sense.

I'm pretty sure Fedora is hitting this in our VMs. I just spent some
time debugging an issue of a boot delay with someone from the
infrastructure team where it would take upwards of 2 minutes to boot.
If someone holds down a key, it boots in 4 seconds. There's a qemu
reproducer at
I suggested a cat on the keyboard as a workaround.

Independently, we also got a report of a boot hang in GCE with 4.16.4
where as 4.16.3 works which corresponds to the previous report of a
stable regression. This was just via IRC so I didn't have time to
dig into this.


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