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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] arch: remove obsolete architecture ports
On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 8:57 PM, Linus Torvalds
<> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 12:17 AM, Arnd Bergmann <> wrote:
>> (dirstat only for brevity)
> Shortlog?
> I'd like to see that each architecture removal is independent of the
> others, so that if somebody wants to resurrect any particular
> architecture, he/she can do so with a revert.
> Can I just fetch things and see? Sure. But there's no excuse not to
> have a shortlog in the pull request, even if the full diffstat itself
> might be prohibitive.

Right, that was a mistake on my end, I just cut too much, see below
for the missing shortlog.

Regarding a possible revert, that would indeed involve reverting
multiple patches for most architectures, plus parts of at least these

Documentation: arch-support: remove obsolete architectures
treewide: simplify Kconfig dependencies for removed archs
ktest: remove obsolete architectures

For those, I went the other way, and removed all architectures at
once to simplify my work and to avoid touching the same files up
to eight times with interdependent patches (which couldn't
be reverted without conflicts either).

There are a couple of driver removal patches that got picked up
into subsystem trees instead of this tree, so a full revert would also
involve finding other drivers, but if you prefer to have the patches
completely split up by arch, I could rework the series that way.


Aaron Wu (2):
misc: Remove Blackfin DSP echo support
usb: Remove Blackfin references in USB support

Arnd Bergmann (58):
Merge tag 'metag_remove_2' of
ssh:// into asm-generic
arch: remove frv port
arch: remove m32r port
arch: remove score port
arch: remove blackfin port
arch: remove tile port
procfs: remove CONFIG_HARDWALL dependency
mm: remove blackfin MPU support
mm: remove obsolete alloc_remap()
treewide: simplify Kconfig dependencies for removed archs
asm-generic: siginfo: remove obsolete #ifdefs
asm-generic: siginfo: define ia64 si_codes unconditionally
asm-generic: clean up asm/unistd.h
Documentation: arch-support: remove obsolete architectures drop blackin and tile support
ktest: remove obsolete architectures
edac: remove tile driver
net: tile: remove ethernet drivers
net: adi: remove blackfin ethernet drivers
net: 8390: remove m32r specific bits
net: remove cris etrax ethernet driver
net: smsc: remove m32r/mn10300 specific smc91x configuration
raid: remove tile specific raid6 implementation
rtc: remove tile driver
rtc: remove bfin driver
char: remove obsolete ds1302 rtc driver
char: remove tile-srom.c
char: remove blackfin OTP driver
pcmcia: remove m32r drivers
pcmcia: remove blackfin driver
video/logo: remove obsolete logo files
fbdev: remove blackfin drivers
fbdev: s1d13xxxfb: remove m32r specific hacks
media: platform: remove blackfin capture driver
media: platform: remove m32r specific arv driver
cpufreq: remove blackfin driver
cpufreq: remove cris specific drivers
gpio: remove etraxfs driver
pinctrl: remove adi2/blackfin drivers
ata: remove bf54x driver
input: keyboard: remove bf54x driver
input: misc: remove blackfin rotary driver
mmc: remove bfin_sdh driver
can: remove bfin_can driver
watchdog: remove bfin_wdt driver
spi: remove blackfin related host drivers
i2c: remove bfin-twi driver
pwm: remove pwm-bfin driver
usb: host: remove tilegx platform glue
usb: musb: remove blackfin port
usb: isp1362: remove blackfin arch glue
serial: remove cris/etrax uart drivers
serial: remove blackfin drivers
serial: remove m32r_sio driver
serial: remove tile uart driver
tty: remove bfin_jtag_comm and hvc_bfin_jtag drivers
tty: hvc: remove tile driver
staging: iio: remove iio-trig-bfin-timer driver

David Howells (1):
mn10300: Remove the architecture

Guan Xuetao (1):
MAINTAINERS: UNICORE32: Change email account

James Hogan (11):
metag: Remove arch/metag/
docs: Remove metag docs
docs: Remove remaining references to metag
Drop a bunch of metag references
irqchip: Remove metag irqchip drivers
clocksource: Remove metag generic timer driver
tty: Remove metag DA TTY and console driver
watchdog: imgpdc: Drop METAG dependency
media: img-ir: Drop METAG dependency
i2c: img-scb: Drop METAG dependency

Jesper Nilsson (1):
CRIS: Drop support for the CRIS port

Tobias Klauser (1):
scripts/ remove blackfin support

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