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Subject[GIT PULL] power-supply changes for 4.17
Hi Linus,

The pull request has one devicetree change for the Nokia N900,
that has been Acked-by Tony Lindgren. All patches have been in
linux-next for 3 weeks without any problems reported to me.

The following changes since commit 7928b2cbe55b2a410a0f5c1f154610059c57b1b2:

Linux 4.16-rc1 (2018-02-11 15:04:29 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at:

ssh:// tags/for-v4.17

for you to fetch changes up to fd73a3e618889877d32e338622a363d04d9be709:

power: reset: at91-reset: Switch from the pr_*() to the dev_*() logging functions (2018-03-19 20:51:17 +0100)

power supply and reset changes for the v4.17 series

* Microsemi Ocelot reset support
* Spreadtrum SC27xx reset support
* generic gpio charger: lot's of cleanups
* axp20x fuel gauge: add AXP813 support
* misc. fixes

Alexandre Belloni (2):
dt-bindings: power: reset: Document ocelot-reset binding
power: reset: Add a driver for the Microsemi Ocelot reset

Baolin Wang (1):
power: reset: Add Spreadtrum SC27xx PMIC power off support

Carlo Caione (1):
power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Do not register FG on ECS EF20EA

Colin Ian King (1):
power: reset: make function sc27xx_poweroff_shutdown static

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
power: supply: da9150-fg: remove VLA usage

Hans de Goede (1):
power: supply: axp288_fuel_gauge: Fix full status reporting

Ladislav Michl (10):
power: supply: ltc2941-battery-gauge: Add charge empty and full properties
power: supply: gpio-charger: Drop driver remove function
power: supply: gpio-charger: use helper variable to access device info
power: supply: ltc2941-battery-gauge: Fix temperature units
power: supply: gpio-charger: Remove redundant dev_err call in probe function
power: supply: gpio-charger: Use GPIOF_ACTIVE_LOW for legacy setup
power: supply: gpio-charger: Remove pdata from gpio_charger
power: reset: at91-poweroff: Switch from the pr_*() to the dev_*() logging functions
power: reset: at91-poweroff: Remove redundant dev_err call in at91_poweroff_probe()
power: reset: at91-reset: Switch from the pr_*() to the dev_*() logging functions

Linus Walleij (1):
power: gemini-poweroff: Avoid spurious poweroff

Moritz Fischer (2):
dt-bindings: power: reset: gpio-poweroff: Add 'timeout-ms' property
power: reset: gpio-poweroff: Support for timeout from device property

Pierre Bourdon (1):
max17042: propagate of_node to power supply device

Quentin Schulz (3):
power: supply: axp20x_battery: use data struct for variant specific code
dt-bindings: power: supply: axp20x: add AXP813 battery DT binding
power: supply: axp20x_battery: add support for AXP813

Sebastian Reichel (4):
power: supply: bq27xxx: support missing supplier device
power: supply: bq2415x: add DT referencing support
ARM: dts: omap3-n900: Add link between battery and charger
Merge branch 'fixes' into for-next

.../bindings/power/reset/gpio-poweroff.txt | 3 +
.../bindings/power/reset/ocelot-reset.txt | 14 ++
.../bindings/power/supply/axp20x_battery.txt | 8 +-
arch/arm/boot/dts/omap3-n900.dts | 1 +
drivers/power/reset/Kconfig | 16 ++
drivers/power/reset/Makefile | 2 +
drivers/power/reset/at91-poweroff.c | 14 +-
drivers/power/reset/at91-reset.c | 4 +-
drivers/power/reset/gemini-poweroff.c | 30 ++--
drivers/power/reset/gpio-poweroff.c | 8 +-
drivers/power/reset/ocelot-reset.c | 88 ++++++++++
drivers/power/reset/sc27xx-poweroff.c | 66 ++++++++
drivers/power/supply/axp20x_battery.c | 136 ++++++++++++----
drivers/power/supply/axp288_fuel_gauge.c | 53 ++++--
drivers/power/supply/bq2415x_charger.c | 5 +-
drivers/power/supply/bq27xxx_battery.c | 2 +-
drivers/power/supply/da9150-fg.c | 4 +-
drivers/power/supply/gpio-charger.c | 179 ++++++++-------------
drivers/power/supply/ltc2941-battery-gauge.c | 67 ++++++--
drivers/power/supply/max17042_battery.c | 1 +
20 files changed, 500 insertions(+), 201 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/power/reset/ocelot-reset.txt
create mode 100644 drivers/power/reset/ocelot-reset.c
create mode 100644 drivers/power/reset/sc27xx-poweroff.c
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