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Subject[ANNOUNCE] iproute 4.16
Release of iproute2 for Linux 4.16

Lastest version iproute2 utility to support new features in Linux 4.16.
This release covers a wide range of small changes. Lots of changes to:
bpf, vrf, devlink, flower, and rdma support. Also more changes to
ss and JSON support enhancements.

The tarball can be dowloaded from:

The upstream repositories for master and net-next branch are now
split. Master branch is at:

and patches for next release are in (master branch):

There are symlinks so that old paths still work.

Report problems (or enhancements) to the mailing list.

Adam Vyskovsky (1):
tc: fix an off-by-one error while printing tc actions

Alexander Alemayhu (4):
man: add examples to ip.8
man: fix man page warnings
tc: bpf: add ppc64 and sparc64 to list of archs with eBPF support
examples/bpf: update list of examples

Alexander Aring (5):
tc: m_ife: allow ife type to zero
tc: m_ife: print IEEE ethertype format
tc: m_ife: report about kernels default type
man: tc-ife: add default type note
tc: m_ife: fix match tcindex parsing

Alexander Heinlein (1):
ip/xfrm: Fix deleteall when having many policies installed

Alexander Zubkov (5):
iproute: list/flush/save filter also by metric
iproute: "list/flush/save default" selected all of the routes
treat "default" and "all"/"any" addresses differenty
treat "default" and "all"/"any" addresses differenty
arrange prefix parsing code after redundant patches

Alexey Kodanev (1):
fix typo in ip-xfrm man page, rmd610 -> rmd160

Amir Vadai (14):
libnetlink: Introduce rta_getattr_be*()
tc/cls_flower: Classify packet in ip tunnels
tc/act_tunnel: Introduce ip tunnel action
tc/pedit: Fix a typo in pedit usage message
tc/pedit: Extend pedit to specify offset relative to mac/transport headers
tc/pedit: Introduce 'add' operation
tc/pedit: p_ip: introduce editing ttl header
tc/pedit: Support fields bigger than 32 bits
tc/pedit: p_eth: ETH header editor
tc/pedit: p_tcp: introduce pedit tcp support
pedit: Fix a typo in warning
pedit: Do not allow using retain for too big fields
pedit: Check for extended capability in protocol parser
pedit: Introduce ipv6 support

Amritha Nambiar (4):
tc/mqprio: Offload mode and shaper options in mqprio
flower: Represent HW traffic classes as classid values
man: tc-mqprio: add documentation for new offload options
man: tc-flower: add explanation for hw_tc option

Andreas Henriksson (1):
ss: fix help/man TCP-STATE description for listening

Antonio Quartulli (2):
ss: fix crash when skipping disabled header field
ss: fix NULL pointer access when parsing unix sockets with oldformat

Arkadi Sharshevsky (15):
devlink: Change netlink attribute validation
devlink: Add support for pipeline debug (dpipe)
bridge: Distinguish between externally learned vs offloaded FDBs
devlink: Make match/action parsing more flexible
devlink: Add support for special format protocol headers
devlink: Add support for protocol IPv4/IPv6/Ethernet special formats
devlink: Ignore unknown attributes
devlink: Change empty line indication with indentations
devlink: mnlg: Add support for extended ack
devlink: Add support for devlink resource abstraction
devlink: Add support for hot reload
devlink: Move dpipe context from heap to stack
devlink: Add support for resource/dpipe relation
devlink: Update man pages and add resource man
devlink: Fix error reporting

Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen (2):
testsuite: refactor kernel config search
testsuite: search for kernel config in /boot

Baruch Siach (3):
tc: add missing limits.h header
ip: include libc headers first
lib: fix multiple strlcpy definition

Benjamin LaHaise (2):
f_flower: don't set TCA_FLOWER_KEY_ETH_TYPE for "protocol all"
tc: flower: support for matching MPLS labels

Boris Pismenny (1):
ip xfrm: Add xfrm state crypto offload

Casey Callendrello (1):
netns: make /var/run/netns bind-mount recursive

Chris Mi (3):
tc: fix command "tc actions del" hang issue
lib/libnetlink: Add a new function rtnl_talk_iov
tc: Add batchsize feature for filter and actions

Christian Brauner (1):
netns: allow negative nsid

Christian Ehrhardt (2):
tests: read limited amount from /dev/urandom
tests: make sure rand_dev suffix has 6 chars

Christoph Paasch (1):
ip: add fastopen_no_cookie option to ip route

Craig Gallek (2):
gre6: fix copy/paste bugs in GREv6 attribute manipulation
iplink: Expose IFLA_*_FWMARK attributes for supported link types

Cyrill Gorcunov (2):
libnetlink: Add test for error code returned from netlink reply
ss: Add inet raw sockets information gathering via netlink diag interface

Daniel Borkmann (19):
bpf: make tc's bpf loader generic and move into lib
bpf: check for owner_prog_type and notify users when differ
bpf: add initial support for attaching xdp progs
{f,m}_bpf: dump tag over insns
bpf: test for valid type in bpf_get_work_dir
bpf: add support for generic xdp
bpf: update printing of generic xdp mode
bpf: dump error to the user when retrieving pinned prog fails
bpf: indicate lderr when bpf_apply_relo_data fails
bpf: remove obsolete samples
bpf: support loading map in map from obj
bpf: dump id/jited info for cls/act programs
bpf: improve error reporting around tail calls
bpf: fix mnt path when from env
bpf: unbreak libelf linkage for bpf obj loader
bpf: minor cleanups for bpf_trace_pipe
bpf: consolidate dumps to use bpf_dump_prog_info
json: move json printer to common library
bpf: properly output json for xdp

David Ahern (46):
Makefile: really suppress printing of directories
lib bpf: Add support for BPF_PROG_ATTACH and BPF_PROG_DETACH
bpf: export bpf_prog_load
bpf: Add BPF_ macros
move cmd_exec to lib utils
Add filesystem APIs to lib
change name_is_vrf to return index
libnetlink: Add variant of rtnl_talk that does not display RTNETLINK answers error
Introduce ip vrf command
Fix compile warning in get_addr_1
ip vrf: Move kernel config hint to prog_load failure
ip vrf: Refactor ipvrf_identify
ip vrf: Fix reset to default VRF
ip netns: Reset vrf to default VRF on namespace switch
ip vrf: Fix run-on error message on mkdir failure
ip vrf: Improve cgroup2 error messages
ip vrf: Improve bpf error messages
Add support for rt_protos.d
rttable: Fix invalid range checking when table id is converted to u32
ip route: error out on multiple via without nexthop keyword
ip route: Make name of protocol 0 consistent
ip vrf: Handle vrf in a cgroup hierarchy
ip netns: refactor netns_identify
ip vrf: Handle VRF nesting in namespace
ip vrf: Detect invalid vrf name in pids command
ip: Add support for MPLS netconf
ip route: Add missing space between nexthop and via for mpls multipath routes
netlink: Add flag to suppress print of nlmsg error
ip netconf: Show all address families by default in dumps
ip netconf: show all families on dev request
ip vrf: Add command name next to pid
ip vrf: Add command name next to pid
ip: mpls: fix printing of mpls labels
ip: add support for more MPLS labels
netlink: Change rtnl_dump_done to always show error
ip address: Export ip_linkaddr_list
ip address: Move filter struct to ip_common.h
ip address: Change print_linkinfo_brief to take filter as an input
ip vrf: Add show command
lib: Dump ext-ack string by default
libnetlink: Fix extack attribute parsing
libnetlink: Handle extack messages for non-error case
Update headers from 4.15-rc3
Restore --no-print-directory option for silent builds
Update kernel headers to 4.15-rc8
libnetlink: __rtnl_talk_iov should only loop max iovlen times

David Forster (1):
ip6tunnel: Align ipv6 tunnel key display with ipv4

David Lebrun (9):
ip: add ip sr command to control SR-IPv6 internal structures
iproute: add support for SR-IPv6 lwtunnel encapsulation
man: add documentation for IPv6 SR commands
iproute: fix compilation issue with older glibc
iproute: add helper functions for SRH processing
iproute: add support for SRv6 local segment processing
man: add documentation for seg6local lwt
iproute: add support for seg6 l2encap mode
man: add documentation for seg6 l2encap mode

David Michael (1):
tc: make tc linking depend on libtc.a

Davide Caratti (4):
tc: m_csum: add support for SCTP checksum
tc: fix typo in tc-tcindex man page
tc: bash-completion: add missing 'classid' keyword
tc: fix parsing of the control action

Donald Sharp (2):
ip: mroute: Add table output to show command
ip: Properly display AF_BRIDGE address information for neighbor events

Eli Cohen (1):
iplink: Update usage in help message

Eric Dumazet (2):
ss: print tcpi_rcv_mss and tcpi_advmss
tc: fq: support low_rate_threshold attribute

Filip Moc (1):
ip fou: pass family attribute as u8

Gal Pressman (3):
iplink: Validate minimum tx rate is less than maximum tx rate
ipaddress: Make sure VF min/max rate API is supported before using it
man: Document the meaning of zero in min/max_tx_rate parameters

Girish Moodalbail (2):
vxlan: Add support for modifying vxlan device attributes
geneve: support for modifying geneve device

Greg Greenway (1):
Add "show" subcommand to "ip fou"

Hadar Hen Zion (4):
tc/cls_flower: Add dest UDP port to tunnel params
tc/m_tunnel_key: Add dest UDP port to tunnel key action
tc/cls_flower: Add to the usage encapsulation dest UDP port
tc/m_tunnel_key: Add to the usage encapsulation dest UDP port

Hangbin Liu (12):
iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_FDB_FLUSH
iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_VLAN_STATS_ENABLED
iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_MCAST_STATS_ENABLED
iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_MCAST_IGMP_VERSION
iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_MCAST_MLD_VERSION
iplink: bridge_slave: add support for IFLA_BRPORT_FLUSH
man: ip-link.8: Document bridge_slave fdb_flush option
man: ip-link.8: Document bridge_slave fdb_flush option
ip neigh: allow flush FAILED neighbour entry
utils: return default family when rtm_family is not RTNL_FAMILY_IPMR/IP6MR
lib/libnetlink: re malloc buff if size is not enough
lib/libnetlink: update rtnl_talk to support malloc buff at run time

Ido Schimmel (1):
iproute: Display offload indication per-nexthop

Ivan Delalande (2):
utils: add print_escape_buf to format and print arbitrary bytes
ss: print MD5 signature keys configured on TCP sockets

Ivan Vecera (2):
lib: make resolve_hosts variable common
devlink: add batch command support

Jakub Kicinski (22):
bpf: print xdp offloaded mode
bpf: add xdpdrv for requesting XDP driver mode
bpf: allow requesting XDP HW offload
bpf: initialize the verifier log
bpf: pass program type in struct bpf_cfg_in
bpf: keep parsed program mode in struct bpf_cfg_in
bpf: allocate opcode table in struct bpf_cfg_in
bpf: split parse from program loading
bpf: rename bpf_parse_common() to bpf_parse_and_load_common()
bpf: expose bpf_parse_common() and bpf_load_common()
bpf: allow loading programs for a specific ifindex
{f, m}_bpf: don't allow specifying multiple bpf programs
tc_filter: resolve device name before parsing filter
f_bpf: communicate ifindex for eBPF offload
iplink: communicate ifindex for xdp offload
ip: link: add support for netdevsim device type
tc: red: allow setting th_min and th_max to the same value
bpf: support map offload
tc: red: JSON-ify RED output
tc: prio: JSON-ify prio output
ip: address: fix stats64 JSON object name
tc: fix second printing of requeues

Jakub Sitnicki (1):
iproute: Remove useless check for nexthop keyword when setting RTA_OIF

Jamal Hadi Salim (6):
utils: make hex2mem available to all users
actions: Add support for user cookies
tc actions: Improved batching and time filtered dumping
actions: update the man page to describe the "since" time filter
tc/actions: introduce support for jump action
tc: Fix filter protocol output

Jean-Philippe Brucker (1):
ss: fix NULL dereference when rendering without header

Jesus Sanchez-Palencia (1):
man: Clarify idleslope calculation for tc-cbs

Jiri Benc (3):
Revert "man pages: add man page for skbmod action"
tc: m_tunnel_key: reformat the usage text
tc: m_tunnel_key: add csum/nocsum option

Jiri Kosina (2):
iproute2: tc: introduce build dependency on libnetlink
iproute2: add support for invisible qdisc dumping

Jiri Pirko (28):
tc_filter: add support for chain index
tc: actions: add helpers to parse and print control actions
tc/actions: introduce support for goto chain action
tc: flower: add support for tcp flags
tc: gact: fix control action parsing
tc: add support for TRAP action
tc: don't print error message on miss when parsing action with default
tc: move action cookie print out of the stats if
tc: remove action cookie len from printout
tc: jsonify qdisc core
tc: jsonify stats2
tc: jsonify fq_codel qdisc
tc: jsonify htb qdisc
tc: jsonify filter core
tc: jsonify flower filter
tc: jsonify matchall filter
tc: jsonify actions core
tc: jsonify gact action
tc: jsonify mirred action
tc: jsonify vlan action
man: add -json option to tc manpage
tc: fix json array closing
tc: introduce tc_qdisc_block_exists helper
tc: introduce support for block-handle for filter operations
tc: implement ingress/egress block index attributes for qdiscs
devlink: fix port new monitoring message typo
man: fix devlink object list

Joe Stringer (1):
bpf: Print section name when hitting non ld64 issue

Jon Maloy (1):
tipc: change family attribute from u32 to u16

Julien Fortin (31):
ip: vfinfo: remove code duplication for IFLA_VF_RSS_QUERY_EN
color: add new COLOR_NONE and disable_color function
ip: add new command line argument -json (mutually exclusive with -color)
json_writer: add new json handlers (null, float with format, lluint, hu)
ip: ip_print: add new API to print JSON or regular format output
ip: ipaddress.c: add support for json output
ip: iplink.c: open/close json obj for ip -brief -json link show dev DEV
ip: iplink_bond.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_bond_slave.c: add json output support (info_slave_data)
ip: iplink_hsr.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_bridge.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_bridge_slave.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_can.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_geneve.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_ipoib.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_ipvlan.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_vrf.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_vxlan.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_xdp.c: add json output support
ip: ipmacsec.c: add json output support
ip: link_gre.c: add json output support
ip: link_gre6.c: add json output support
ip: link_ip6tnl.c: add json output support
ip: link_iptnl.c: add json output support
ip: link_vti.c: add json output support
ip: link_vti6.c: add json output support
ip: link_macvlan.c: add json output support
ip: iplink_vlan.c: add json output support
ip: ipaddress: fix missing space after prefixlen
lib: json_print: rework 'new_json_obj' drop FILE* argument
lib: json_print: rework 'new_json_obj' drop FILE* argument

Khem Raj (1):
tc: include stdint.h explicitly for UINT16_MAX

Krister Johansen (3):
iptunnel: document mode parameter for sit tunnels
iptunnel: add support for mpls/ip to sit tunnels
iptunnel: add support for mpls/ip to ipip tunnels

Leon Romanovsky (30):
devlink: Call dl_free in early exit case
utils: Move BIT macro to common header
rdma: Add basic infrastructure for RDMA tool
rdma: Add dev object
rdma: Add link object
rdma: Add json and pretty outputs
rdma: Implement json output for dev object
rdma: Add json output to link object
rdma: Add initial manual for the tool
ip: Fix compilation break on old systems
rdma: Reduce scope of _dev_map_lookup call
rdma: Protect dev_map_lookup from wrong input
rdma: Move per-device handler function to generic code
rdma: Fix misspelled SYS_IMAGE_GUID
rdma: Check that port index exists before operate on link layer
rdma: Print supplied device name in case of wrong name
rdma: Get rid of dev_map_free call
rdma: Rename free function to be rd_cleanup
rdma: Rename rd_free_devmap to be rd_free
rdma: Move link execution logic to common code
rdma: Add option to provide "-" sign for the port number
rdma: Make visible the number of arguments
rdma: Add filtering infrastructure
rdma: Set pointer to device name position
rdma: Allow external usage of compare string routine
rdma: Add resource tracking summary
rdma: Add QP resource tracking information
rdma: Document resource tracking
rdma: Check return value of strdup call
rdma: Avoid memory leak for skipper resource

Lorenzo Colitti (3):
ip: support UID range routing.
iproute: build more easily on Android
iproute2: fixes to compile on some systems.

Lubomir Rintel (1):
lib/namespace: don't try to mount rw /sys over a ro one

Luca Boccassi (6):
man: drop references to Debian-specific paths
man: add more keywords to ip.8 short description
man: ip-address: document 15-char limit for LABEL
man: routel/routef: don't mention filesystem paths
man: fix small formatting errors
Drop capabilities if not running ip exec vrf with libcap

Lucas Bates (2):
man page: add page for skbmod action
Add new man page for tc actions.

Lukas Braun (1):
man: ip-route.8: Mention that lower metric means higher priority

Mahesh Bandewar (1):
ip/ipvlan: enhance ability to add mode flags to existing modes

Martin KaFai Lau (1):
bpf: Add support for IFLA_XDP_PROG_ID

Masatake YAMATO (1):
ss: prepare rth when killing inet sock

Matteo Croce (3):
tc: fix typo in manpage
netns: avoid directory traversal
netns: more input validation

Matthias Schiffer (1):
devlink, rdma, tipc: properly define TARGETS without HAVE_MNL

Michal Kubecek (4):
iplink: check for message truncation in iplink_get()
iplink: double the buffer size also in iplink_get()
ip xfrm: use correct key length for netlink message
ip maddr: fix filtering by device

Michal Kubeček (1):
routel: fix infinite loop in line parser

Michal Privoznik (1):
tc: util: Don't call NEXT_ARG_FWD() in __parse_action_control()

Mike Frysinger (2):
mark shell scripts +x
ifcfg/rtpr: convert to POSIX shell

Neal Cardwell (1):
ss: print new tcp_info fields: delivery_rate and app_limited

Nicolas Dichtel (1):
link_gre6: really support encaplimit option

Nikhil Gajendrakumar (1):
bridge: this patch adds json support for bridge mdb show

Nikolay Aleksandrov (7):
bridge: fdb: add state filter support
ipmroute: add support for RTNH_F_UNRESOLVED
iplink: add support for xstats subcommand
iplink: bridge: add support for displaying xstats
iplink: bridge_slave: add support for displaying xstats
ip: bridge_slave: add support for per-port group_fwd_mask
ip: bridge_slave: add neigh_suppress to the type help and

Nishanth Devarajan (1):
tc: B.W limits can now be specified in %.

Nogah Frankel (4):
ifstat: Includes reorder
ifstat: Add extended statistics to ifstat
ifstat: Add "sw only" extended statistics to ifstat
ifstat: Add xstat to ifstat man page

Oliver Hartkopp (3):
ip: link add vxcan support
ip: add vxcan to help text
ip: add vxcan/veth to ip-link man page

Or Gerlitz (4):
tc: matchall: Print skip flags when dumping a filter
tc/pedit: p_udp: introduce pedit udp support
tc: Reflect HW offload status
tc: flower: add support for matching on ip tos and ttl

Paul Blakey (2):
tc: flower: support matching flags
tc: flower: Refactor matching flags to be more user friendly

Petr Vorel (8):
ip: fix igmp parsing when iface is long
color: use "light" colors for dark background
tests: Remove bashisms (s/source/.)
tests: Revert back /bin/sh in shebang
color: Fix ip segfault when using --color switch
color: Fix another ip segfault when using --color switch
color: Cleanup code to remove "magic" offset + 7
color: Rename enum

Phil Dibowitz (1):
Show 'external' link mode in output

Phil Sutter (113):
ss: Mark fall through in arg parsing switch()
ss: Drop empty lines in UDP output
ss: Add missing tab when printing UNIX details
ss: Use sockstat->type in all socket types
ss: introduce proc_ctx_print()
ss: Drop list traversal from unix_stats_print()
ss: Eliminate unix_use_proc()
ss: Turn generic_proc_open() wrappers into macros
ss: Make tmr_name local to tcp_timer_print()
ss: Make user_ent_hash_build_init local to user_ent_hash_build()
ss: Make some variables function-local
ss: Make slabstat_ids local to get_slabstat()
ss: Get rid of useless goto in handle_follow_request()
ss: Get rid of single-fielded struct snmpstat
ss: Make unix_state_map local to unix_show()
ss: Make sstate_name local to sock_state_print()
ss: Make sstate_namel local to scan_state()
ss: unix_show: No need to initialize members of calloc'ed structs
tc: m_xt: Fix segfault with iptables-1.6.0
tc: m_xt: Drop needless parentheses from #if checks
man: tc-csum.8: Fix example
man: ip-route.8: Fix 'expires' indenting
testsuite: Generate nlmsg blob at runtime
testsuite: Search kernel config in modules dir also
man: ss.8: Add missing protocols to description of -A
ip: link: bond: Fix whitespace in help text
ip: link: macvlan: Add newline to help output
ip: link: Unify link type help functions a bit
ip: link: Add missing link type help texts
man: ip-link: Specify min/max values for bridge slave priority and cost
man: ip-rule.8: Further clarify how to interpret priority value
man: ip.8: Document -brief flag
tc: m_xt: Prevent a segfault in libipt
man: Collect names of man pages automatically
bpf: Make bytecode-file reading a little more robust
Really fix get_addr() and get_prefix() error messages
tc-simple: Fix documentation
examples: Some shell fixes to cbq.init
ifcfg: Quote left-hand side of [ ] expression
tipc/node: Fix socket fd check in cmd_node_get_addr()
iproute_lwtunnel: Argument to strerror must be positive
iproute_lwtunnel: csum_mode value checking was ineffective
ss: Don't leak fd in tcp_show_netlink_file()
tc/em_ipset: Don't leak sockfd on error path
ipvrf: Fix error path of vrf_switch()
ifstat: Fix memleak in error case
ifstat: Fix memleak in dump_kern_db() for json output
ss: Fix potential memleak in unix_stats_print()
tipc/bearer: Fix resource leak in error path
devlink: No need for this self-assignment
ipntable: No need to check and assign to parms_rta
iproute: Fix for missing 'Oifs:' display
lib/rt_names: Drop dead code in rtnl_rttable_n2a()
ss: Skip useless check in parse_hostcond()
ss: Drop useless assignment
tc/m_gact: Drop dead code
ipaddress: Avoid accessing uninitialized variable lcl
iplink_can: Prevent overstepping array bounds
ipmaddr: Avoid accessing uninitialized data
ss: Use C99 initializer in netlink_show_one()
netem/maketable: Check return value of fstat()
tc/q_multiq: Don't pass garbage in TCA_OPTIONS
iproute: Check mark value input
iplink_vrf: Complain if main table is not found
devlink: Check return code of strslashrsplit()
lib/bpf: Don't leak fp in bpf_find_mntpt()
ifstat, nstat: Check fdopen() return value
tc/q_netem: Don't dereference possibly NULL pointer
tc/tc_filter: Make sure filter name is not empty
tipc/bearer: Prevent NULL pointer dereference
ipntable: Avoid memory allocation for
lib/fs: Fix format string in find_fs_mount()
lib/inet_proto: Review inet_proto_{a2n,n2a}()
lnstat_util: Simplify alloc_and_open() a bit
tc/m_xt: Fix for potential string buffer overflows
lib/ll_map: Choose size of new cache items at run-time
ss: Make struct tcpstat fields 'timer' and 'timeout' unsigned
ss: Make sure scanned index value to unix_state_map is sane
netem/maketable: Check return value of fscanf()
lib/bpf: Check return value of write()
lib/fs: Fix and simplify make_path()
lib/libnetlink: Don't pass NULL parameter to memcpy()
ss: Fix for added diag support check
link_gre6: Fix for changing tclass/flowlabel
link_gre6: Print the tunnel's tclass setting
utils: Implement strlcpy() and strlcat()
Convert the obvious cases to strlcpy()
Convert harmful calls to strncpy() to strlcpy()
ipxfrm: Replace STRBUF_CAT macro with strlcat()
tc_util: No need to terminate an snprintf'ed buffer
lnstat_util: Make sure buffer is NUL-terminated
lib/bpf: Fix bytecode-file parsing
utils: strlcpy() and strlcat() don't clobber dst
ipaddress: Fix segfault in 'addr showdump'
ip-route: Fix for listing routes with RTAX_LOCK attribute
ip{6, }tunnel: Avoid copying user-supplied interface name around
tc: flower: No need to cache indev arg
Check user supplied interface name lengths
ss: Distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 wildcard sockets
ss: Detect IPPROTO_ICMPV6 sockets
tc_util: Drop needless pointer check
tc_util: Silence spurious compiler warning
link_gre6: Detect invalid encaplimit values
man: tc-csum.8: Fix inconsistency in example description
tc: Optimize gact action lookup
Remove leftovers from removed Latex documentation
ip-link: Fix use after free in nl_get_ll_addr_len()
man: ip-route.8: ssthresh parameter is NUMBER
man: tc-vlan.8: Fix for incorrect example
ssfilter: Eliminate shift/reduce conflicts
ss: Allow excluding a socket table from being queried
ss: Put filter DB parsing into a separate function
ss: Drop filter_default_dbs()

Philip Prindeville (1):
iproute2: add support for GRE ignore-df knob

Quentin Monnet (2):
README: update location of git repositories, remove broken info link
README: re-add updated information link

Ralf Baechle (1):
ip: HSR: Fix cut and paste error

Remigiusz Kołłątaj (1):
ip: add handling for new CAN netlink interface

Robert Shearman (6):
iplink: add support for afstats subcommand
man: Fix formatting of vrf parameter of ip-link show command
iproute: Add support for ttl-propagation attribute
iproute: Add support for MPLS LWT ttl attribute
gre: Fix ttl inherit option
vxlan: Make id optional when modifying a link

Roi Dayan (10):
devlink: Add usage help for eswitch subcommand
devlink: Add option to set and show eswitch inline mode
tc: flower: Fix typo and style in flower man page
tc: tunnel_key: Add tc-tunnel_key man page to Makefile
tc: flower: Fix flower output for src and dst ports
tc: flower: Add missing err check when parsing flower options
tc: flower: Fix incorrect error msg about eth type
tc: flower: Fix parsing ip address
devlink: Add json and pretty options to help and man
devlink: Add option to set and show eswitch encapsulation support

Roman Mashak (24):
tc: pass correct conversion specifier to print 'unsigned int' action index.
tc: fixed man page fonts for keywords and variable values
tc: updated man page to reflect filter-id use in filter GET command.
tc: distinguish Add/Replace action operations.
tc: print skbedit action when dumping actions.
tc: fix Makefile to build skbmod
tc: fixed typo in usage text.
tc: updated tc-u32 man page to reflect skip_sw and skip_hw parameters.
tc: updated ife man page.
ss: initialize 'fackets' member of tcpstat structure
bridge: isolate vlans parsing code in a separate API
bridge: dump vlan table information for link
bridge: request vlans along with link information
ip: added missing newline in man page
ip netns: use strtol() instead of atoi()
tc: distinguish Add/Replace qdisc operations
ss: remove duplicate assignment
ss: add missing path MTU parameter
tc: added tc monitor description in man page
tc: updated tc-bpf man page
tc: print actual action for sample action
tc: use get_u32() in psample action to match types
tc: print actual action for connmark action
tc: print index, refcnt & bindcnt for nat action

Roopa Prabhu (6):
ip: extend route get to return matching fib route
iproute: extend route get for mpls routes
iplink: new option to set neigh suppression on a bridge port
iplink: bridge: support bridge port vlan_tunnel attribute
bridge: vlan: support for per vlan tunnel info
bridge: fdb: print NDA_SRC_VNI if available

Sabrina Dubroca (1):
man: ip-link.8: document bridge options

Serhey Popovych (57):
ip/tunnel: Unify setup and accept zero address for local/remote endpoints
ip/tunnel: Use get_addr() instead of get_prefix() for local/remote endpoints
ip: gre: fix IFLA_GRE_LINK attribute sizing
iplink: Improve index parameter handling
iplink: Process "alias" parameter correctly
iplink: Kill redundant network device name checks
ip/tunnel: Use tnl_parse_key() to parse tunnel key
link_ip6tnl: Use IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT to initialize local/remote endpoints
link_vti6: Always add local/remote endpoint attributes
utils: ll_addr: Handle ARPHRD_IP6GRE in ll_addr_n2a()
ip/tunnel: No need to free answer after rtnl_talk() on error
gre,ip6tnl/tunnel: Fix noencap- support
gre6/tunnel: Do not submit garbage in flowinfo
vxcan,veth: Forbid "type" for peer device
ip/tunnel: Document "external" parameter
link_iptnl: Kill code duplication
link_iptnl: Print tunnel mode
link_iptnl: Open "encap" JSON object
ip6/tunnel: Fix tclass output
ip6tnl/tunnel: Do not print obscure flowinfo
ip6/tunnel: Unify tclass printing
ip6/tunnel: Unify flowlabel printing
ip6/tunnel: Unify encap_limit printing
gre6/tunnel: Output flowlabel after tclass
ip6tnl/tunnel: Output hoplimit before encapsulation limit
ipaddress: Use family_name() for better code reuse
iplink: Fix "alias" parameter length calculations
iplink: Use ll_index_to_name() instead of if_indextoname()
ip/tunnel: Correct and unify ttl/hoplimit printing
ip/tunnel: Simplify and unify tos printing
ip/tunnel: Use print_0xhex() instead of print_string()
ip/tunnel: Abstract tunnel encapsulation options printing
gre/tunnel: Print erspan_index using print_uint()
vti/tunnel: Unify ikey/okey printing
vti6/tunnel: Unify and simplify link type help functions
tunnel: Return constant string without copying it
utils: Always specify family for address in get_addr_1()
utils: Always specify family and ->bytelen in get_prefix_1()
utils: Fast inet address classification after get_addr()
iplink_geneve: Get rid of inet_get_addr()
iplink_vxlan: Get rid of inet_get_addr()
ip: Get rid of inet_get_addr()
gre/gre6: Post merge fixes
tunnel: Add space between encap-dport and encap-sport in non-JSON output
iptnl/ip6tnl: Unify ttl/hoplimit parsing routines
vti/vti6: Minor improvements
iplink: Use ll_name_to_index() instead of if_nametoindex()
ip/tunnel: Be consistent when printing tunnel collect metadata
gre/gre6: Unify attribute addition to netlink buffer
utils: Introduce get_addr_rta() and inet_addr_match_rta()
ipaddress: Use inet_addr_match_rta()
iprule: Use inet_addr_match_rta()
ipmroute: Use inet_addr_match_rta()
ipneigh: Use inet_addr_match_rta()
ipl2tp: Use get_addr_rta()
tcp_metric: Use get_addr_rta()
ip/tunnel: Unify local/remote endpoint address printing

Shmulik Ladkani (2):
tc: m_mirred: Add support for ingress redirect/mirror
ip: link_ip6tnl.c/ip6tunnel.c: Support IP6_TNL_F_ALLOW_LOCAL_REMOTE flag

Simon Horman (20):
tc: flower: Support matching on SCTP ports
tc: flower: remove references to eth_type in manpage
tc: flower: document SCTP ip_proto
tc: flower: correct name of ip_proto parameter to flower_parse_port()
tc: flower: make use of flower_port_attr_type() safe and silent
tc: flower: introduce enum flower_endpoint
tc: flower: support matching on ICMP type and code
tc: flower: document that *_ip parameters take a PREFIX as an argument.
tc: flower: Allow *_mac options to accept a mask
tc: flower: document that *_ip parameters take a PREFIX as an argument.
tc: flower: Allow *_mac options to accept a mask
tc: flower: Update dest UDP port documentation
tc: ife: correct spelling of prio in example
tc: flower: Support matching ARP
tc: flower: use correct type when calling flower_icmp_attr_type
tc: flower: Update documentation to indicate ARP takes IPv4 prefixes
tc: flower: provide generic masked u8 parser helper
tc: flower: provide generic masked u8 print helper
tc: flower: support masked ICMP code and type match
tc actions: store and dump correct length of user cookies

Simon Ruderich (3):
man: document ip route get mark
man: document ip fou show
man: document ip xfrm policy nosock

Solio Sarabia (1):
iplink: validate maximum gso_max_size

Stefan Hajnoczi (2):
ss: allow AF_FAMILY constants >32
ss: add AF_VSOCK support

Stefano Brivio (8):
ss: Remove useless width specifier in process context print
ss: Streamline process context printing in netlink_show_one()
ss: Fix width calculations when Netid or State columns are missing
ss: Replace printf() calls for "main" output by calls to helper
ss: Introduce columns lightweight abstraction
ss: Buffer raw fields first, then render them as a table
ss: Implement automatic column width calculation
ss: Fix rendering of continuous output (-E, --events)

Stephen Hemminger (177):
update kernel headers to 4.9-net-next
update net-next headers
tc: flower checkpatch cleanups
Update kernel headers for XDP and tcp_info
update kernel headers from net-next
update kernel headers from net-next
update to net-next headers (pre 4.10 rc)
lwtunnel: style cleanup
libnetlink: break up dump function
utils: cleanup style
ipvrf: cleanup style issues
configure: fix elftest when warnings enabled
update kernel headers
Revert "tc: flower: document that *_ip parameters take a PREFIX as an argument."
Revert "tc: flower: Allow *_mac options to accept a mask"
minor kernel header update
whitespace cleanup
kernel headers update
add more uapi header files
include: remove unused header
update kernel headers (from 4.10-rc4)
update kernel headers from 4.10 net-next
update kernel headers from net-next
tcp: header file update
update headers from bridge tunnel metadata
tc: add missing sample file
update headers from net-next
update headers from 4.10-rc8
utils: hex2mem get rid of unnecessary goto
add missing iplink_xstats.c
update headers from net-next
Update headers based on 4.11 merge window
netlink route attribute cleanup
xfrm: remove unnecessary casts
tc: use rta_getattr_u32
bpf: remove unnecessary cast
pie: remove always false condition
update headers from 4.11-rc2
update kernel headers from net-next
update headers from net-next
update headers from 4.11-rc3
update headers from net-next (post 4.11-rc3)
update kernel headers from net-next
netem: fix out of bounds access in maketable
Update kernel headers from 4.11 net-next
add seg6.h kernel headers
update kernel headers from net-next
remove unused header file sysctl.h
iplink: whitespace cleanup
pedit: fix whitespace
update headers to 4.11 net-next
update kernel headers during 4.12 merge window
update headers from 4.12-rc2
include: remove no longer used iptables_common.h
update to current net-next headers
update headers to get changes for TCA_FLOWER
update headers to get IFLA_EVENT
updated headers from net-next
update headers from net-next (bpf and tc)
more bpf header updates
xfrm: get #define's from linux includes
update headers to get TCA_TUNNEL_CSUM
update kernel headers from net-next
update kernel headers from net-next
update headers to 4.13-rc1
remove duplicated #include's
Update headers from net-next
ip: change flag names to an array
update headers from 4.13-rc4
tc: fix m_simple usage
update headers from 4.13 net-next
iproute: Add support for extended ack to rtnl_talk
ss: enclose IPv6 address in brackets
lib: fix extended ack with and without libmnl
lib: need to pass LIBMNL flag
include: update headers from net-next
tc, ip: more Makefile updates for LIBMNL
vti6: fix local/remote any addr handling
change how Config is used in Makefile's
vti: print keys in hex not dotted notation
more BPF headers update
seg6: add include/linux/seg6_local.h
include: add pfkeyv2.h drop ipv6.h
update kernel headers from net-next
config: put CFLAGS/LDLIBS in
add ERSPAN headers
rdma: fix duplicate initialization in port_names
libnetlink: drop unused parameter to rtnl_dump_done
bpf: drop unused parameter to bpf_report_map_in_map
tc: use named initializer for default mqprio options
devlink: header update
update headers from net-next
update headers from 4.14 merge
BPF: update headers from 4.14-rc1
tc: flower remove unused variable
doc: remove obsolete ip-tunnels documentation
doc: remove outdated ss documentation
doc: remove outdated arpd documentation
doc: remove outdated nstat/rtstat documentation
ignore generated Config file
doc: remove outdated tc-filters documentation
doc: remove outdated IPv6 flow label document
doc: drop old ip command documentation
update headers from net-next rc
tipc: don't need custom CFLAGS
update uapi headers from 4.14-rc4 net-next
rdma: move headers to uapi
uapi: add include linux/vm_sockets_diag.h
netem: fix code indentation
update headers for TC and TIPC from net-next
bpf: update header file
include: add TCP fastopen option
update kernel headers
iproute: source code cleanup
bridge: checkpatch related cleanups
Update kernel headers based on 4.14-rc7
Update kernel headers from net-next (4.14-rc6)
update kernel headers from 4.14-rc7 net-next
Update kernel headers from 4.14-rc8 nete-next
Update kernel headers with new SPDK identifier
netem: use fixed rather than floating point for scaling
update kernel headers
update kernel headers from 4.14 net-next
drop unneeded include of syslog.h
utils: remove duplicate include of ctype.h
update headers from 4.15-rc1
ila: fix formatting of help message
update bpf header from net-next
tc: replace magic constant 16 with #define
tc: break long lines
SPDX license identifiers
m_vlan: style cleanups
m_action: style cleanup
m_gact: whitespace cleanup
m_mirred: style cleanups
update bpf header from net-next
update headers from 4.15-rc2
iplink: allow configuring GSO max values
uapi: add access to snd_cwnd and other sock_ops
uapi: tun add eBPF based queue selection method
iplink: add definitions for GSO_MAX
include: qdisc offload defines
ip: validate vlan value for vlan info
ss: fix crash with invalid command input file
utils: fix makeargs stack overflow
include: update ethernet headers
tc: remove no longer relevant README
include: update uapi with BPF from 4.15-rc1
include: update netfilter headers from 4.15-rc1
include: update rdma uapi from 4.15-rc1
include: update interface UAPI from 4.15-rc1
include: update UAPI types.h
include: update rdma header from 4.16-rc1
uapi: update if_ether compat headers
ip: remove dead code
json_writer: add SPDX Identifier (GPL-2/BSD-2)
Revert "iproute: "list/flush/save default" selected all of the routes"
tc: help and whitespace cleanup
rdma: fix man page typos
bridge: avoid snprint truncation on time
pedit: fix strncpy warning
ip: use strlcpy() to avoid truncation
tunnel: use strlcpy to avoid strncpy warnings
tc_class: fix snprintf warning
ematch: fix possible snprintf overflow
misc: avoid snprintf warnings in ss and nstat
bpf: avoid compiler warnings about strncpy
namespace: limit the length of namespace name to avoid snprintf overflow
uapi/if_ether: add definition of ether type field

Tariq Toukan (1):
ip-address: Fix negative prints of large TX rate limits

Thomas Egerer (3):
xfrm_policy: Add filter option for socket policies
xfrm_policy: Do not attempt to deleteall a socket policy
xfrm_{state, policy}: Allow to deleteall polices/states with marks

Thomas Graf (2):
bpf: Fix number of retries when growing log buffer
lwt: BPF support for LWT

Thomas Haller (1):
man: fix documentation for range of route table ID

Timothy Redaelli (2):
ip-route: Prevent some other double spaces in output
bridge: Prevent a double space in bridge mdb show

Tom Herbert (5):
ila: Fix reporting of ILA locators and locator match
ila: added csum neutral support to ipila
ila: support to configure checksum neutral-map-auto
ila: support for configuring identifier and hook types
ila: create ila_common.h

Vincent Bernat (2):
vxlan: use preferred address family when neither group or remote is specified
color: disable color when json output is requested

Vinicius Costa Gomes (2):
tc: Add support for the CBS qdisc
man: Add initial manpage for tc-cbs(8)

Vlad Yasevich (1):
ip: Add IFLA_EVENT output to ip monitor

Wei Wang (1):
ss: print tcpi_rcv_ssthresh

William Tu (5):
gre: add support for ERSPAN tunnel
ip6_gre: add support for ERSPAN tunnel
gre6: add collect metadata support
erspan: add erspan version II support
erspan: add erspan usage description

Wolfgang Bumiller (1):
tc/lexer: let quotes actually start strings

Yotam Gigi (10):
tc: man: matchall: Fix example indentation
tc: Add support for the sample tc action
tc: man: Add man entry for the tc-sample action
tc: man: matchall: Update examples to include sample
tc: bash-completion: Add the _from variant to _tc_one* funcs
tc: bash-completion: Prepare action autocomplete to support several actions
tc: bash-completion: Make the *_KIND variables global
tc: bash-completion: Add support for filter actions
tc: bash-completion: Add support for matchall
ip: mroute: Print offload indication

Yuchung Cheng (1):
ss: print new tcp_info fields: busy, rwnd-limited, sndbuf-limited times

Yulia Kartseva (1):
tc: fix ipv6 filter selector attribute for some prefix lengths

Yuval Mintz (1):
qdisc: print offload indication

Zhang Shengju (1):
iplink: add support for IFLA_CARRIER attribute

yupeng (1):
man: add additional explainations for ss

Élie Bouttier (1):
ip route: replace exits with returns

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