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SubjectRe: Question regarding container affecting the host system mounts
Ronak Desai,

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 5:40 PM, Ronak Desai
<> wrote:
> I am able to workaround this issue by marking the mount as unbinadable
> and clearing the flag (CL_COPY_UNBINDABLE) in "copy_tree" function in
> fs/namespace.c. This skips the unbindable mounts to get cloned inside
> the new namespace. For my use-case this is acceptable.
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2018 at 3:50 PM, Ronak Desai
> <> wrote:
>> I came across a problem where if the containers are running then it
>> affects the unmount process of the system's mount points. I am not
>> using these mount points as shared mounts with container.
>> For example, I am using SD card and NAND as external storage device
>> and mounting it to a mount point in the ramfs. Then I am launching
>> containers and then when I try to unmount the NAND partition then my
>> "unmount" call succeeds but I don't see the UBIFS hooks being called
>> and because of that my UBI detach process fails. When I stopped the
>> container then I see that kernel is calling the unmount as I see my
>> debug prints inside the UBIFS for unmounting that partition.
>> If I tried to mount my NAND partition once the container is up and try
>> to unmount then it does unmount and detach without issue. It seems
>> like there is an issue with namespace.
>> I am using 4.1.8 kernel . I traced the kernel code and I see that
>> copy_mnt_ns is calling copy_tree and which basically increasing the
>> active counts of the super block of my host mount points (NAND, SD cards).
>> I am using container but I do not wish to share any of my host storage
>> media with
>> container so in my container configuration I am only mounting the
>> tmpfs as the rootfs of container is in in tmpfs of host. But, still I
>> can't umount completely my host storage media if containers are
>> running.
>> I have attached the log of the container start process with debugging
>> and where you can see it is increasing the super block active counts
>> for "ubifs".

Not sure if I understand the problem correctly, isn't this just a matter of
mount point propagation?


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