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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/4] bus: fsl-mc: add restool userspace support
Hi Ioana

> The commands listed above are for creating/destroying DPAA2 objects
> in Management Complex and not for runtime configuration where
> standard userspace tools are used.

Please can you explain why this is not just plumbing inside a
switchdev driver?

The hardware has a number of physical ports. So on probe, i would
expect it to create a DPMAC, DPNI, and DPIO for each port, and a linux
netdev. From then on, standard tools are all that are needed. The
switchdev driver can create a l2 switch object when the user uses the
ip link add name br0 type bridge. It can then connect the switch
object to the DPNI when the user adds an interface to the switch, etc.


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