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SubjectRe: [net-next PATCH v4 00/13] Add support for netcp driver on K2G SoC
From: Murali Karicheri <>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2018 17:30:29 -0400

> K2G SoC is another variant of Keystone family of SoCs. This patch
> series add support for NetCP driver on this SoC. The QMSS found on
> K2G SoC is a cut down version of the QMSS found on other keystone
> devices with less number of queues, internal link ram etc. The patch
> series has 2 patch sets that goes into the drivers/soc and the
> rest has to be applied to net sub system. Please review and merge
> if this looks good.
> K2G TRM is located at
> Thanks
> The boot logs on K2G ICE board (tftp boot over Ethernet and from mmc)
> The boot logs on K2G GP board (tftp boot over Ethernet and from mmc)
> Also regressed boot on K2HK and K2L EVMs as we have modified GBE
> version detection logic (K2E uses same version of NetCP as in K2L.
> So regression on one of them is needed).
> Boot log on K2L and K2HK EVMs are at
> This series applies to net-next master branch.

Series applied, thank you.

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