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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Dealing with the aliases of SI_USER
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> (
> On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 8:56 AM, Eric W. Biederman
> <> wrote:

[snip bit about wanting what is effectively force_sig_fault instead of
clear_siginfo everywhere]

> The other thing we should do is to get rid of the stupid padding.
> Right now "struct siginfo" is pointlessly padded to 128 bytes. That is
> completely insane, when it's always just zero in the kernel.
> So put that _pad[] thing inside #ifndef __KERNEL__, and make
> copy_siginfo_to_user() write the padding zeroes when copying to user
> space. The reason for the padding is "future expansion", so we do want
> to tell the user space that it's maybe up to 128 bytes in size, but if
> we don't fill it all, we shouldn't waste time and memory on clearing
> the padding internally.
> I'm certainly *hoping* nobody depends on the whole 128 bytes in
> rt_sigqueueinfo(). In theory you can fill it all (as long as si_code
> is negative), but the man-page only says "si_value", and the compat
> function doesn't copy any more than that either, so any user that
> tries to fill in more than si_value is already broken. In fact, it
> might even be worth enforcing that in rt_sigqueueinfo(), just to see
> if anybody plays any games..

From my earlier looking I think this is all doable except detecting

> On x86-64, without the pointless padding, the size of 'struct siginfo'
> inside the kernel would be 48 bytes. That's quite a big difference for
> something that is often allocated on the kernel stack.

From my earlier looking I can say that I know of no case where signals
are injected into the kernel that we need more bytes than the kernel
currently provides.

The two cases I know of are signal reinjection for checkpoint/restart
or something that just uses pid, uid and ptr. Generally that is

If we just truncate siginfo to everything except the pad bytes in the
kernel there should be no problems. What I don't see how to do is to
limit the size of struct siginfo the kernel accepts in a forward
compatible way. Something that would fail if for some reason you used
more siginfo bytes.

Looking at userspace. glibc always memsets siginfo_t to 0.
Criu just uses whatever it captured with PTRACE_PEEKSIGINFO,
and criu uses unitialized memory for the target of PTRACE_PEEKSIGINFO.

If we truncate siginfo in the kernel then we check for a known si_code
in which case we are safe to truncate siginfo. If the si_code is
unknown then we should check to see if the extra bytes are 0. That
should work with everything. Plus it is a natural point to test to
see if userspace is using signals that the kernel does not currently

I will put that in my queue.

> So I'm certainly willing to make those kinds of changes, but let's
> make them real *improvements* now, ok? Wasn't that the point of all
> the cleanups in the end?

Definitely. With the strace test case causing people to talk about
regressions I was just looking to see if it would make sense to do
something minimal for -rc2 so reduce concerns about regressions.

Now I am going to focus on getting what I can ready for the next merge


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