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Subjectsysrq option to save the boot log to a file for the purpose of troubleshooting booting issues ?

When the system boots i often encounter the boot process hanging. I
usually hit 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' to reboot.

After coming across Magis Sysrq option, i have even tried sysrq+b to
boot my system from the frozen boot state.

after repeated attempts when i successfully log into the system. I
don't find the unsuccessful boot attempts i previously had encounterd
in syslog or any other log files in ' /var/log/ ' forder.

As a result i am unable to identify the root cause of the boot freezes
my system experiences.

I would like to know if there is any 'sysrq' option that will enable
me to record/capture the boot message from the boot freeze which i can
later use to troubleshoot why the boot freeze's occurrence on my
system ?

If there is no such 'sysrq' option at present, wouldn't it be a great
idea to have an option that will help one to capture/save the system
boot messages to a file in ' /var/log ' folder each time he/she
encounters a boot freeze ?


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