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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/6] tracing: Add trace event error log
On Fri, 13 Apr 2018 10:44:32 -0400
Steven Rostedt <> wrote:

> On Fri, 13 Apr 2018 09:24:34 -0500
> Tom Zanussi <> wrote:
> > Yeah, I agree - I'd rather get it right than get it in now. I thought
> > this made sense, and was based on input from Masami, which I may have
> > misinterpreted, but I'll wait for some more ideas about the best way to
> > do this.
> Too bad we are not closer to November, as this would actually be a good
> Plumbers topic. Maybe it's not that important and we should wait until
> then. I'd like to get some brain storming ideas out before we decide on
> anything, and this is something I believe is better done face to face
> than over email.

OK, sounds good for me too :)
My point was that printk buffer is not good place for the parser error
of ftrace, nor each sub-features (like hist, trigger, probe_events etc.)
has different place to show it. I just want to unify the user experience
over the ftrace UI.


Masami Hiramatsu <>

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