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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 07/10] nvme-pci: Use PCI p2pmem subsystem to manage the CMB

On 05/03/18 05:49 PM, Oliver wrote:
> It's in arch/powerpc/kernel/io.c as _memcpy_toio() and it has two full barriers!
> Awesome!
> Our io.h indicates that our iomem accessors are designed to provide x86ish
> strong ordering of accesses to MMIO space. The git log indicates
> arch/powerpc/kernel/io.c has barely been touched in the last decade so
> odds are most of that code was written in the elder days when people
> were less aware of ordering issues. It might just be overly conservative
> by today's standards, but maybe not (see below).

Yes, that seems overly conservative.

> (I'm not going to suggest ditching the lwsync trick. mpe is not going
> to take that patch
> without a really good reason)

Well, that's pretty gross. Is this not exactly the situation mmiowb() is
meant to solve? See [1].

Though, you're right in principle. Even if power was similar to other
systems in this way, it's still a risk that if these pages get passed
somewhere in the kernel that uses a spin lock like that without an
mmiowb() call, then it's going to have a bug. For now, the risk is
pretty low as we know exactly where all the p2pmem pages will be used
but if it gets into other places, all bets are off. I did do some work
trying to make a safe version of io-pages and also trying to change from
pages to pfn_t in large areas but neither approach seemed likely to get
any traction in the community, at least not in the near term.



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