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SubjectRe: Fwd: Re: Hibernation on i386 failure...
Pavel Machek wrote:
> On Sat 2018-03-03 19:03:48, Woody Suwalski wrote:
>> Pavel Machek wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>>>> On Tue 2018-01-09 16:54:51, Woody Suwalski wrote:
>>>>>> Hey Pavel, so you have found that issue earlier... Do you have a patch to
>>>>>> try?
>>>>> Did I? I do not remember clearly.
>>>>> Anyway, here are my hibernation-related patches... Absolutely no
>>>>> guarantees.
>>>> Pavel, here is my attempt to convert your patch to 4.15 git, it builds
>>>> cleanly, and it does not work. If you have a moment to spare - could you
>>>> check if it is a classic case "everything is good, just does not
>>>> work"?
>>> Sorry for the delay.
>>> I've tested today's linux-next, and hibernation works for me, no
>>> patches needed.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Pavel
>> My January tests have showed that hibernation does work if I turn off the
>> So can you confirm that you have it enabled and it works again? I will try
>> it on 4.16-rc4 tomorrow...
> I was actually testing with linux-next:
> commit 80253003d5da3b82d6bebfb755a04c24011e90e2
> Author: Stephen Rothwell <>
> Date: Fri Mar 2 14:17:11 2018 +1100
> Add linux-next specific files for 20180302
> # git clone
> git://
> # git fetch linux-next
> # git fetch --tags linux-next
> git remote update
> # then: git checkout next-20170201
> And yes, I do have CONFIG_RELOCATABLE on:
> Best regards,
> Pavel
Almost there. Yes I have noticed the linux-next, but I wanted to see
first if the same does not work in the mainline - then it would have
pointed to the difference between the branches.

However the important part is your "CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE is not set".
Try to turn it on and check hibernation. I have used the
CONFIG_RELOCATABLE entry, because it turns off the randomized
automatically, and on its own it I had no use for it. BTW. turning the
relocatable field on by default also brings randomization on, so you
must have specifically disable it. Why?

So the real issue is: can the 32-bit kernel use randomization, _and_
hibernate on linux-next???

Thanks, Woody

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