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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] use struct pt_regs based syscall calling for x86-64

* Dominik Brodowski <> wrote:

> > > The whole series is available at
> > >
> > > syscalls-WIP
> >
> > BTW., I'd like all these bits to go through the x86 tree.
> >
> > What is the expected merge route of the generic preparatory bits?
> My current plan is to push the 109 patch bomb to remove in-kernel calls to syscalls
> directly to Linus once v4.16 is released.

Are there any (textual and semantic) conflicts with the latest -next?

Also, to what extent were these 109 patches tested in -next?

> For this series of seven patches, I am content with them going upstream through
> the x86 tree (once that contains a backmerge of Linus' tree or the syscalls
> tree, obviously). IMO, these seven patches should be kept together, and not
> routed upstream through different channels.

Of course they should stay together - the generic code impact is minimal, these
are 95% x86.



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