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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/8] PCI: Add pci_find_common_upstream_dev()

On 28/03/18 10:02 AM, Christian König wrote:
> Yeah, that looks very similar to what I picked up from the older
> patches, going to read up on that after my vacation.

Yeah, I was just reading through your patchset and there are a lot of
similarities. Though, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish as I
could not find a cover letter and it seems to only enable one driver. Is
it meant to enable DMA transactions only between two AMD GPUs?

I also don't see where you've taken into account the PCI bus address. On
some architectures this is not the same as the CPU physical address.

> Just in general why are you interested in the "distance" of the devices?

We've taken a general approach where some drivers may provide p2p memory
(ie. an NVMe card or an RDMA NIC) and other drivers make use of it (ie.
the NVMe-of driver). The orchestrator driver needs to find the most
applicable provider device for a transaction in a situation that may
have multiple providers and multiple clients. So the most applicable
provider is the one that's closest ("distance"-wise) to all the clients
for the P2P transaction.

> And BTW: At least for writes that Peer 2 Peer transactions between
> different root complexes work is actually more common than the other way
> around.

Maybe on x86 with hardware made in the last few years. But on PowerPC,
ARM64, and likely a lot more the chance of support is *much* less. Also,
hardware that only supports P2P stores is hardly full support and is
insufficient for our needs.

> So I'm a bit torn between using a blacklist or a whitelist. A whitelist
> is certainly more conservative approach, but that could get a bit long.

I think a whitelist approach is correct. Given old hardware and other
architectures, a black list is going to be too long and too difficult to
comprehensively populate.


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