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SubjectRe: 4.16-rc5 on Motorola Droid 4

> > Yeah display related stuff is half merged in Linux next, backlight
> > needs some binding changes from what I remember. I think the
> > minimal set is something like this against v4.16-rc:
> I have an updated lm355x backlight driver almost ready, that uses
> an updated binding scheme and exposes the keyboard backlight
> using the LED subsystem.

If I could get a diff, I'd happily test it :-).

Also, if you know how to get information from light sensor, that would
be nice.

> The keyboard backlight and lcd backlight are controlled by LM3552,
> that's the driver mentioned above. The other LEDs (status rgb,
> shift/capslock, and the android button backlight) are working.

Confirmed. They work, and they have reasonable names.

(cesky, pictures)
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