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SubjectRe: 4.16-rc5 on Motorola Droid 4

> > Maybe get somebody to help you locally with the debug cable
> > soldering? :)
> I suppose people from your hackerspace can help you. It's really
> easy to do. Soldering can be avoided btw. You can just use a pair
> of scissors to cut a USB -> Micro USB cable and use a knife to remove
> isolation. Then screw each of the 4 wires into a terminal strip.
> There are USB-TTL adapters available, that have an attached cable.
> If you also cut the connector from such a cable and connect it to
> the other side of the terminal strip you are done. No soldering
> involved ;)

Hehe. After some more experiments, it looks like hardware hacking can
not be avoided :-(.

I should have enough connectors, but I don't know the pinouts. I also
seem to have D-SUN USB to TTL from you (thanks again!).

You say TTL, Tony says 3V3... so I guess the port can survive both?

Ok, I guess I really only need to connect GND, and then D- to RXD?

So... where is the D-.. aha, got it. I hope USB has to be robust
enough against me making experiments?

I connected it the best way I could, but I do not get data in minicom,
and RXD led stays lit. I guess that is not a good thing :-(.


(cesky, pictures)
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