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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/13] staging: add drivers to support Mediatek mt7621 in gnubee-pc1
On Thu, Mar 15 2018, Dan Carpenter wrote:

> This all seems fine. Generally the requirements for staging are that it
> has a TODO, someone to work on it, and it doesn't break the build. But
> some of the patches don't have commit message and those are required and
> some of the commit messages are just the changes you have made not don't
> describe the actual code...

Thanks for having a look.
It seems odd to require detailed commit messages, when we don't require
the same level of quality in the code.
Naturally when the driver is moved out of staging a properly detailed
commit message should be added, but is that needed on the way in to
staging? At this stage I don't know much more than is already there.
After I've cleaned up the code I probably will.

For patch 01/13 you asked "what kind of device this is". The subject
line makes it clear that it is a "pcie driver". What extra detail did
you want? Would it be sufficient to just copy the subject line so that
it appears twice in the commit message?

> John Crispin's email is



> regards,
> dan carpenter
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