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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/10] posix_clocks: Prepare syscalls for 64 bit time_t conversion
On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 5:03 AM, Deepa Dinamani <> wrote:
> The series is a preparation series for individual architectures
> to use 64 bit time_t syscalls in compat and 32 bit emulation modes.
> This is a follow up to the series Arnd Bergmann posted:
> [1]
> Thomas, Arnd, this seems ready to be merged now.
> Can you help get this merged?
> Big picture is as per the lwn article:
> [2]
> The series is directed at converting posix clock syscalls:
> clock_gettime, clock_settime, clock_getres and clock_nanosleep
> to use a new data structure __kernel_timespec at syscall boundaries.
> __kernel_timespec maintains 64 bit time_t across all execution modes.
> vdso will be handled as part of each architecture when they enable
> support for 64 bit time_t.
> The compat syscalls are repurposed to provide backward compatibility
> by using them as native syscalls as well for 32 bit architectures.
> They will continue to use timespec at syscall boundaries.
> CONFIG_64_BIT_TIME controls whether the syscalls use __kernel_timespec
> or timespec at syscall boundaries.
> The series does the following:
> 1. Enable compat syscalls on 32 bit architectures.
> 2. Add a new __kernel_timespec type to be used as the data structure
> for all the new syscalls.
> 3. Add new config CONFIG_64BIT_TIME(intead of the CONFIG_COMPAT_TIME in
> [1] and [2] to switch to new definition of __kernel_timespec. It is
> the same as struct timespec otherwise.
> 4. Add new CONFIG_32BIT_TIME to conditionally compile compat syscalls.

I've applied all 10 patches to my y2038 git branch [1], which is part
of linux-next,
to give it a little wider testing. If everything goes well, I'd send a
pull request to
Thomas next week so he can integrate it into tip from there, or (if he prefers)
send it directly to Linus in the merge window.

Thanks a lot for your persistence and your work on this!


[1] git://

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