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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] ARM: dts: exynos5250: Add #sound-dai-cells property to hdmi device node
Hi Inki,

On 03/12/2018 01:48 AM, Inki Dae wrote:
> Thanks for explanation. By the way, who binds '#sound-dai-cells' property?.
> This patch adds this property to hdmi device node which will be bound by
> HDMI driver fo Exynos DRM but I don't see any place to bind '#sound-dai-cells'
> property in this driver.
> So I think some driver like Odroid XU3/4 audio driver(sound/soc/samsung/odroid.c)
> or ASoC simple audio card driver(sound/soc/generic/simple-card.c) should exist
> and this property should be placed to such device node.

The *-cells property is supposed to be in a node that a phandle points to,
and in this case the phandle entry in 'sound-dai' points to the hdmi node.
From the DT bindings perspective it not that important how Linux parses
the bindings, it's more a matter of describing the HW configuration.

There is even a related check in dtc:

$ grep -n sound scripts/dtc/checks.c
1208:WARNING_PROPERTY_PHANDLE_CELLS(sound_dai, "sound-dai", "#sound-dai-cells");


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