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SubjectRe: rx_packets/bytes stats for error frames
On 14.03.18 10:46, Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
>>> We do count them, as errors!
>>> This is what happens when you transmit a single CAN frame with nothing
>>> connected: "TX errors" shoots up but "RX packets" stays zero.
>> This is handled not consistent in the existing CAN drivers. In flexcan
>> all and c_can (all but rx overflow) are counted as rx_packets and
>> rx_bytes. (I haven't looked at the other drivers.)
>> I tend to count the error frames as ordinary frames.
> +1, I think we should count the packets and bytes delivered to the
> network layer.

Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-class-net-statistics says:

> What: /sys/class/<iface>/statistics/rx_packets
> Date: April 2005
> KernelVersion: 2.6.12
> Contact:
> Description:
> Indicates the total number of good packets received by this
> network device.

I considered error frames not "good packets", but I can change that for
v3, no problem.

Best regards,

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