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SubjectRe: [asm-generic:asm-generic] BUILD SUCCESS 18fd258e74835b40a4f89f11ae933267866cc7af
On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 8:34 PM, kbuild test robot
<> wrote:
> tree/branch: asm-generic
> branch HEAD: 18fd258e74835b40a4f89f11ae933267866cc7af staging: iio: remove iio-trig-bfin-timer driver
> elapsed time: 192m
> configs tested: 176
> The following configs have been built successfully.
> More configs may be tested in the coming days.
> blackfin BF526-EZBRD_defconfig
> blackfin BF533-EZKIT_defconfig
> blackfin BF561-EZKIT-SMP_defconfig
> blackfin TCM-BF537_defconfig
> cris etrax-100lx_v2_defconfig
> mn10300 asb2364_defconfig
> frv defconfig
> tile tilegx_defconfig
> m32r m32104ut_defconfig
> m32r mappi3.smp_defconfig
> m32r opsput_defconfig
> m32r usrv_defconfig
> score spct6600_defconfig

Hi Fengguang,

Something odd is going in with the reporting here. I got individual reports for
a number of the above that they failed, but the summary for the branch
reports the builds as successful.

This branch contains the removal of blackfin, cris, mn10300, frv, tile, score,
m32r, and metag, so none of the above should be marked as successful.

You may want to prevent them from being built in the future, but it also
seems the reporting needs to be checked.


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