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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] mmc: bcm2835: print some informational messages during reset
On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 08:50:16 -0800
Florian Fainelli <> wrote:

> On February 14, 2018 6:38:58 AM PST, Michal Suchanek
> <> wrote:
> >The previous patch does reset during hardware error so make the reset
> >progress more visible.
> Based on your previous email it looks like this can happen quite
> frequently so we might be spamming the kernel log with such reset
> messages. Turning this into a debug print would not be great either,
> how about a custom sysfs attribute counting the number of times a
> reset was done?

Since every such message happens when the system stalls for like half a
minute I don't think there will be that many until somebody notices
something is amiss. It might be also helpful in diagnosing if other
cards lock up in different way - for me the DMA shutdown is short so I
guess it's the mmc host that is locked up and the DMA engine is fine.
It might look differently on different systems, though.

I understand that adding messages it somewhat controversial so I added
them in separate patch.



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