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    Subject[PATCH 0/5] Reset Intel BT controller if it gets stuck
    There can be error conditions within Intel BT firmware that can cause it
    to get stuck, with the only way out being toggle the reset pin to the
    device. (I do not have the details about the issues that lead to such
    conditions, Intel folks copied here can elaborate if needed). Thus, this
    is an effor to be able to toggle the reset line from the driver if it
    detects such a situation. It makes few enhancements to the common
    framework which I think may be useful for other unrelated problems.

    Dmitry Torokhov (2):
    usb: split code locating ACPI companion into port and device
    usb: assign ACPI companions for embedded USB devices
    (This basically allows ACPI nodes to be attached to the USB devices,
    thus useful for any onboard / embedded USB devices that wants to get
    some info from the ACPI).

    Rajat Jain (3):
    Bluetooth: Reset Bluetooth chip after multiple command timeouts
    Bluetooth: btusb: Collect the common Intel assignments together
    Bluetooth: btusb: Use the hw_reset method to allow resetting the BT

    drivers/bluetooth/btusb.c | 63 +++++++++---
    drivers/usb/core/usb-acpi.c | 163 +++++++++++++++++++------------
    include/net/bluetooth/hci.h | 8 ++
    include/net/bluetooth/hci_core.h | 2 +
    net/bluetooth/hci_core.c | 15 ++-
    5 files changed, 171 insertions(+), 80 deletions(-)


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