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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 04/10] x86: refcount: prevent gcc distortions
On 2018-10-04 21:33, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Here is the horrible code I mentioned yesterday. This is about
> implementing the immediate-patching framework that Linus and others have
> discussed (it helps both performance and kernel hardening):

Heh, I did a POC in userspace some years ago for loading an "eventually
constant" value into a register - the idea being to avoid a load in
cases like kmemcache_alloc(foo_cachep) or kmemcache_free(foo_cachep, p),
and I assume this is something along the same lines? I didn't do
anything with it since I had no idea if the performance gain would be
worth it, and at the time (before __ro_after_init) there was no good way
to know that the values would really be constant eventually. Also, I had
hoped to come up with a way to avoid having to annotate the loads.

I just tried expanding this to deal with some of the hash tables sized
at init time which I can see was also mentioned on LKML some time ago.
I'm probably missing something fundamental, but there's some sorta
working code at which is not too
horrible (IMO). Attaching gcc at various times and doing disassembly
shows that the patching does take place. Can I get you to take a look at
raimacros.S and tell me why that won't work?


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