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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] leds: Add driver for Qualcomm LPG

> > In both RGB and pattern approaches we should assess
> > if it is acceptable to provide a pattern for trigger name,
> > e.g. blink-pattern-{num_intervals}.
> >
> > If so, then "echo transition-pattern-15" would create a directory
> > e.g. transition_intervals with files interval_0 to interval_14,
> > that could be adjusted by userspace.
> Having a RGB-trigger that proxy a accepts a userspace request of a
> brightness-tripple and sets the brightness on the individual associated
> LEDs sounds reasonable - but should probably be generalized to any
> number of LEDs.

Well.. Generalizing for any number of leds would be nice -- because
hardware can do that. OTOH, if we do that, we'll not have a place
where to do "white-adjustment".

> A slightly related matter is the question on how to use a single LED for
> multiple trigger sources, e.g. how do I get a single LED to show
> activity of two MMCs?.

We normally don't do that. We'd either have a trigger for a single
MMC, or trigger of all the MMCs..

> For the patterns I don't know how a trigger for this would look like,
> how would setting the pattern of a trigger be propagated down to the
> hardware?

Well... I'm not sure if we _want_ to do triggers for
patterns. LED triggers change rather quickly (100 times a second?) so
doing them in kernel makes sense. Patterns take 10s of seconds, so we
do not need to handle them in kernel.

(cesky, pictures)
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