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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] remove custom Michael MIC implementation
    On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 12:42:22PM +0200, Wolfram Sang wrote:
    > Hi,
    > > The card I have is a Spectec FCC ID: S2Y-WLAN-11B-G which I believe is
    > > a SDW-823 and should use the ks7010 driver.
    > Sorry, likely not. It is an early SDW-821 and has a MediaTek chipset for
    > which no driver is known:

    Oh damn.

    > For SDW-821 (SD size) and KS7010, you'd need a "S2Y-WLAN-11G-K" (but I
    > have never seen one yet):
    > One can find an SDW-823 (microSD) "S2Y-MWLAN-11B-G" once in a while:

    That's actually the page I was reading, I didn't notice the 'M' in there.

    > > > Without the CFG80211 conversion, replacing the Michael custom
    > > > implementation with the in-kernel one makes the driver a tad better and
    > > > is good exercise. However, it will sadly not help to get the driver out
    > > > of staging.
    > >
    > > I'll drop it then. Could you please tell me, is there any thing else
    > > more I need to do to let LKML know that this RFC is dropped? Or is
    > > this reply enough. I don't want to use any ones time unnecessarily.
    > That should do.
    > > Let's go for a CFG80211 driver and get out of staging :) So next step
    > > is I guess study the ath6kl driver, learn how CFG80211 is done and
    > > implement that interface in ks7010? Oh, and test that it works.
    > Yes, have a look around and check if you like that task. I might have a
    > spare SDW-823 lying around if you are up to it. But check first, it is
    > not a trivial task. On the pro side, there are tons of interesting
    > things about WiFI and kernel development to learn on the way :)

    I like the task. You had me at 'this is a huge change...' in your
    first email. Whether I have the ability is yet to be seen. Thanks for
    the offer of the card, let's wait first to see if I can make any
    progress that warrants testing. The new breakout board turned up in
    the mail today, super glad to read your email before I spent the day
    tomorrow trying to get it working :)

    > Regards,
    > Wolfram

    Cheers Wolfram,
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