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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ext4: Add statx support
Eric Biggers <> wrote:

> Ultimately this needs to be addressed in ext4 more fully, but how about for
> ->getattr() just skipping the call to ext4_get_inode_flags() and instead
> populating the generic attributes like STATX_ATTR_APPEND and
> STATX_ATTR_IMMUTABLE from the generic inode flags, rather than from the
> ext4-specific flags? Actually, it could even be done in generic_fillattr(), so
> that all filesystems benefit.

For the moment, taking Andreas's comments into account, I'll just drop the
call to ext4_get_inode_flags() and just assume ei->i_flags is correct.

I'm not sure whether to push the APPEND and IMMUTABLE attribute transfers to
the generic code - it makes sense for all filesystems that support such flags
and not for those that don't:-/ And, true, the same could be said of the
AUTOMMOUNT attribute.


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