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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 11/16] fpga: intel: fme: add partial reconfiguration sub feature support

    On 31/03/2017 4:30 AM, Alan Tull wrote:
    > On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 7:08 AM, Wu Hao <> wrote:
    >> From: Kang Luwei <>
    >> Partial Reconfiguration (PR) is the most important function for FME. It
    >> allows reconfiguration for given Port/Accelerated Function Unit (AFU).
    >> This patch adds support for PR sub feature. In this patch, it registers
    >> a fpga_mgr and implements fpga_manager_ops, and invoke fpga_mgr_buf_load
    >> for PR operation once PR request received via ioctl. Below user space
    >> interfaces are exposed by this sub feature.
    >> Sysfs interface:
    >> * /sys/class/fpga/<fpga.x>/<intel-fpga-fme.x>/interface_id
    >> Read-only. Indicate the hardware interface information. Userspace
    >> applications need to check this interface to select correct green
    >> bitstream format before PR.
    >> Ioctl interface:
    >> Do partial reconfiguration per information from userspace, including
    >> target port(AFU), buffer size and address info. It returns the PR status
    >> (PR error code if failed) to userspace.
    >> Signed-off-by: Tim Whisonant <>
    >> Signed-off-by: Enno Luebbers <>
    >> Signed-off-by: Shiva Rao <>
    >> Signed-off-by: Christopher Rauer <>
    >> Signed-off-by: Alan Tull <>
    > Hi Wu Hao,
    > Thanks for submitting your patches.
    > I think there's been a misunderstanding of the meaning of
    > 'Signed-off-by' [1]. I have not signed off on this code or had a hand
    > in its development. But I'm happy to get to review it now. It will
    > take a bit of time; I expect to be replying next week.

    Hi Alan,

    Sorry to confuse you, i think it's because you helped Chris a lot to
    implement this interface and we'd like to include your credit as this
    way. If you dislike, it will be dropped. :)

    Thanks for your review in advance.

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