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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/16] Intel FPGA Device Drivers
On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 08:08:00PM +0800, Wu Hao wrote:
> Hi All,
> Here is a patch-series adding drivers for Intel FPGA devices.
> The Intel FPGA driver provides interfaces for userspace applications to
> configure, enumerate, open, and access FPGA accelerators on platforms
> equipped with Intel(R) FPGA solutions and enables system level management
> functions such as FPGA partial reconfiguration, power management and
> virtualization.
> This patch series only adds the basic functions for FPGA accelerators and
> partial reconfiguration. Patches for more functions, e.g power management
> and virtualization, will be submitted after this series gets reviewed.
> Patch 1: add a document for Intel FPGA driver overview, including the HW
> architecture, driver organization, device enumeration, virtualization and
> opens.
> Patch 2: introduce a fpga-dev class. It's used in below Intel FPGA PCIe
> device driver, to represent a FPGA device on the system, and all actual
> feature devices should be registered as child nodes of this container
> fpga-dev device.
> Patch 3-7: implement Intel FPGA PCIe device driver. It walks through the
> 'Device Feature List' in the PCI Bar, creates the container fpga-dev as
> parent and platform devices as children for the feature devices it found.
> Patch 8-11: implement Intel FPGA Management Engine (FME) driver. It's a
> platform driver matching with the FME platform device created by above
> PCIe driver. Sysfs and device file ioctls are exposed as user interfaces
> to allow partial reconfiguration to Accelerated Function Units (AFUs) from
> user space applications.
> Patch 12-16: implement Intel FPGA Accelerated Function Unit (AFU) driver.
> It's a platform driver matching with AFU platform device created by above
> PCIe driver. It provides user interfaces to expose the AFU MMIO region,
> map/unmap dma buffer, and control the port which AFU connects to.

This is exciting stuff. It will take some time to review, though. I marked
the patchset as 'In-Review' in patchwork.



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