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Subject[PATCH 0/8] block: T10/DIF Fixes and cleanups
This patch set fix various problems spotted during T10/DIF integrity machinery testing.

## General bulletproof protection for block layer
0001 Guard bvec iteration logic
## Fix various bugs in T10/DIF/DIX infrastructure
0002 bio integrity: Do not allocate integrity context for
0003 bio integrity: save original iterator for verify stag
0004 bio integrity: bio_trim should truncate integrity vec
0005 bio integrity: fix interface for bio_integrity_trim
## Cleanup T10/DIF/DIX infrastructure
0006 bio integrity add bio_integrity_setup helper
0007 T10 Move opencoded contants to common header
## Fix tcm_fileio info leak
0008 tcm_fileio: Prevent information leak for short reads


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