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SubjectRe: [PATCH 7/7] Change k_clock nsleep() to use timespec64
>> index f608941..97a883a 100644
>> --- a/include/linux/posix-timers.h
>> +++ b/include/linux/posix-timers.h
>> @@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ struct k_clock {
>> int (*clock_adj) (const clockid_t which_clock, struct timex *tx);
>> int (*timer_create) (struct k_itimer *timer);
>> int (*nsleep) (const clockid_t which_clock, int flags,
>> - struct timespec *, struct timespec __user *);
>> + struct timespec64 *, struct timespec __user *);
>> long (*nsleep_restart) (struct restart_block *restart_block);
> You change one of the two arguments, but not the second one
> or the code in the restart handler that uses that __user pointer.
> Your patch is a good step in the right direction, and the second half
> of it is definitely complicated enough to be done in a separate
> patch, so I think it's good to keep them separate, just add
> explain why this is done one at a time.

Yes, this is intentional.
I was including the restart_block param in the syscall interfaces category.

I will make an explicit note in the commit text.


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