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SubjectRe: [PATCHv2 00/10] Nokia N950 basic display support
On 21/03/17 11:38, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
> On 20/03/17 13:29, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 05/03/17 01:50, Sebastian Reichel wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Some of you may remember, that I sent a series for the N950 display
>>> some time ago. N950 has command mode DSI panel, so the main part of
>>> the patchset takes care of adding manual display update support in
>>> omapdrm.
>>> The N950 also requires display rotation (the panel is mounted vertically
>>> and bottom-up) and offset. The required bits will be sent separately.
>>> The patchset is based on 2d62e0768d3c, which is the current commit
>>> torvald's master branch points to. I tested the patches on N950
>>> with kernel console (fbcon), Tomi's kmstest and Xorg from Debian sid.
>>> Rough changelog, most of that work was done by Tony (thanks!)
>>> * lots of patches dropped for now
>>> * rebased to current omapdrm interface
>>> * added OMAP4 support
>>> * misc. cleanup
>> I haven't been able to go through this series with time, but looking at
>> the patches, there were multiple places where I felt quite uneasy with
>> the changes. It didn't help that many of the patches did not have
>> descriptions.
>> So as an RFC series, it's quite nice and shows that the manual update
>> can be gotten to work. But I'm not ready to apply this until the patches
>> touching the omapdrm enable, disable and commit sequences are split up
>> into smaller patches with proper descriptions.
> I made a quick test on my OMAP4 SDP (it has similar panel to N950), and
> I did get a picture on the LCD, and kmstest --flip works. It's tearing,
> though, and the fps is ~80, so apparently TE signal is not used for
> synchronization here. I think nobody is calling the enable_te().

Oh, and I also see these.

[ 42.550170] omapdrm omapdrm.0: lcd: timeout waiting for disable
[ 42.690216] omapdrm omapdrm.0: lcd2: timeout waiting for disable

[ 104.280212] omapdrm omapdrm.0: lcd: timeout waiting for enable


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