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SubjectRe: [BUG] 4.11.0-rc1 panic on shutdown X61s
On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 2:26 PM, Borislav Petkov <> wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 12:57:03PM +0100, Borislav Petkov wrote:
>> On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 09:37:23PM -0800, wrote:
>> > Hello list,
>> >
>> > Here's a photo of the panic, on imgur to be kind to vger:
>> >
>> >
>> > I'm out on a sailboat so can't really do much, but had a chance with internet
>> So you didn't bring another box with you on the sailboat to connect it to the
>> laptop over netconsole to catch full dmesg, did you?
> Hahah, you're so in luck: I just sent this mail and hibernated my laptop
> and got the same BUG. What's the chance of that happening?! Apparently
> big enough.
> But I was able to catch the warning before it too. So the question is,
> do you have an e1000e eth controller in that machine too?
> Because the symptoms below are consistent with the observed behavior:
> e1000e fails to initialize MSI interrupts for whatever reason and falls
> back to legacy interrupts.
> Then, PCI core shuts down and BUGs because the msi_list is empty.
> Anyway, lemme add e1000e people too to the fun thread.

The only change that IMHO matters happened between v4.10 and v4.11-rc1 is this:

@@ -6276,8 +6274,8 @@ static int e1000e_pm_freeze(struct device *dev)
/* Quiesce the device without resetting the hardware */
e1000e_down(adapter, false);
+ e1000e_reset_interrupt_capability(adapter);
- e1000e_reset_interrupt_capability(adapter);

So, it apparently misses something for the other case, like
pci_disable_msi() call or so.

P.S. I'm not PCI or e1000e guy :-)

With Best Regards,
Andy Shevchenko

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