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Subject[PATCH v2 00/10] i2c-i801: Various cleanups
This is a new set that is fairly different than the old set, though it
fixes a lot of the same issues, and some new ones I noticed.

I did not do the consolidation of the isr and non-isr byte-by-byte
handling, based on Jean's comments.

I tested this on qemu (including returning a bad number of bytes to
cause a protocol error) with all four combinations of block/byte-by-byte
and interrupts/polled.

I also tested all those combinations on an Intel Chesnee board.

I do not know aobut hwpec, so I assumed it doesn't work on byte-by-byte
transactions. I'm not quite sure how to test that.

Feel free to say if you like or don't like certain changes, and I
will rework as necessary, of course.


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