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SubjectRe: [PATCH] dell-smm-hwmon: Cache fan_type() calls and use fan_status() for fan detection
I have just tested removing i8k_get_fan_type() function from the 
dell-smm-hwmon driver in the kernel on my Dell Inspiron 580 and the fan
speed problem goes away. My patch simply replaced fan_type with
fan_status in i8k_init_hwmon and used the index as the type in
i8k_hwmon_show_fan_label since index and the type were the same
numerical value on my machine.

Removing i8k_get_fan_type() function for Dell Inspiron 580 would be a
very good fix! Well done for finding it!

On 27/05/16 14:21, Pali Rohár wrote:
> So, once kernel call i8k_get_fan_type() function, then fan speed going
> up/down? Even if it was called only at once? Can you confirm it? Caching
> patch cause that for each fan that function is called exactly one time.
Yes even if the i8k_get_fan_type() function is called once I get the fan
speed problem.
> If this is problem, we can probably create DMI list of machines which do
> not like i8k_get_fan_type() call and disable it for them.
Please add Dell Inspiron 580 to any blacklist that you create. The
DMI_PRODUCT_NAME seems to have a white space at the end:

* CPU fan speed going up and down on Dell Inspiron 580
* for unknown reasons.
.ident = "Dell Inspiron 580",
.matches = {

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