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SubjectRe: sem_lock() vs qspinlocks
Hi Peter,

On 05/20/2016 06:04 PM, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
> On Fri, May 20, 2016 at 05:21:49PM +0200, Peter Zijlstra wrote:
>> Let me write a patch..
> OK, something like the below then.. lemme go build that and verify that
> too fixes things.
> ---
> Subject: locking,qspinlock: Fix spin_is_locked() and spin_unlock_wait()
> Similar to commits:
> 51d7d5205d33 ("powerpc: Add smp_mb() to arch_spin_is_locked()")
> d86b8da04dfa ("arm64: spinlock: serialise spin_unlock_wait against concurrent lockers")
> qspinlock suffers from the fact that the _Q_LOCKED_VAL store is
> unordered inside the ACQUIRE of the lock.
> And while this is not a problem for the regular mutual exclusive
> critical section usage of spinlocks, it breaks creative locking like:
> spin_lock(A) spin_lock(B)
> spin_unlock_wait(B) if (!spin_is_locked(A))
> do_something() do_something()
> In that both CPUs can end up running do_something at the same time,
> because our _Q_LOCKED_VAL store can drop past the spin_unlock_wait()
> spin_is_locked() loads (even on x86!!).
How would we handle mixed spin_lock()/mutex_lock() code?
For the IPC code, I would like to replace the outer lock with a mutex.
The code only uses spinlocks, because at the time it was written, the
mutex code didn't contain a busy wait.
With a mutex, the code would become simpler (all the
lock/unlock/kmalloc/relock parts could be removed).

The result would be something like:

mutex_lock(A) spin_lock(B)
spin_unlock_wait(B) if (!mutex_is_locked(A))
do_something() do_something()


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