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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH v7 00/21] Add HiSilicon RoCE driver
Hi, Doug Ledford

We will modify the license description of the beginning of the code file
in patch v8.

Wei Hu

On 2016/5/14 5:09, Doug Ledford wrote:
> On 05/09/2016 11:04 PM, Lijun Ou wrote:
>> The HiSilicon Network Substem is a long term evolution IP which is
>> supposed to be used in HiSilicon ICT SoCs. HNS (HiSilicon Network
>> Sybsystem) also has a hardware support of performing RDMA with
>> RoCEE.
>> The driver for HiSilicon RoCEE(RoCE Engine) is a platform driver and
>> will support mulitple versions of SOCs in future. This version of driver
>> is meant to support Hip06 SoC(which confirms to RoCEEv1 hardware
>> specifications).
>> Changes v6 -> v7:
>> 1. modify some type of parameter, use bool replace the original type.
>> 2. add the Signed-off-by signatures in the first patch.
>> 3. delete the improper print sentence in hns_roce_create_eq.
> One thing you should be aware of (but which you may not care about,
> which is fine) is that if you want your driver to be available as part
> of the OpenFabric Alliances OFED distribution, the license on the files
> would need to be "GPL or BSD" (see the remainder of the RDMA stack for
> examples). If you don't want that license on your files, I'm fine with
> that, and I won't hold up your submission based on the license. If,
> however, you *do* want your code to be shipable as part of OFED, it is
> much easier to update the license on the files before you submit them
> and third parties modify them. If you want to change the license later,
> you have to get every person that has made any substantive change to the
> file to agree to the license change.

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