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SubjectRe: r8169: Unconditionally disabling ASPM
Paul Menzel <> :
> As over five years have passed now, do you think that is still needed?
> I wonder why no module parameter was added back then, where users could
> enable ASPM if it works on their systems? Because there is no such
> situation and it always fails?

It was enabled again (d64ec841517a25f6d468bde9f67e5b4cffdc67c7) then
disabled (4521e1a94279ce610d3f9b7945c17d581f804242). It's closer
to 3.5 years :o)

Module parameters are frowned upon.

Lin, is there some interest in selectively [*] enabling (or disabling)
ASPM support in the r8169 driver or will it be unreliable ?

[*] Based on DMI information for instance.


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