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Subject[PATCH 00/13] Rework for AFE440x drivers to prepare for AFE4405
Hello all,

I will be posting a driver for the AFE4405 soon and in preparation
for this I have made some changes to the existing drivers to better
align them with the new part. Some of these changes are trivial, others
change the sysfs entries, I understand these are considered ABIs and
changes to even testing ABIs should not be made lightly, but my hope is
that these changes will more accurately reflect the devices intended use
and improve functionality as the first users begin to appear.


Andrew F. Davis (13):
iio: health/afe440x: Fix kernel-doc format
iio: health/afe440x: Remove of_match_ptr and ifdefs
iio: health/afe440x: Remove unneeded initializers
iio: health/afe440x: Always use separate gain values
iio: health/afe440x: Fix scan_index assignment
iio: health/afe440x: Remove unneeded offset handling
iio: health/afe4404: Remove LED3 input channel
iio: health/afe440x: Remove channel names
iio: health/afe440x: Use regmap fields
iio: health/afe440x: Make gain settings a modifier for the stages
iio: health/afe440x: Match LED currents to stages
iio: health/afe440x: Remove unused definitions
iio: health/afe4404: ENSEPGAIN is part of CONTROL2 register

.../ABI/testing/sysfs-bus-iio-health-afe440x | 95 +++----
drivers/iio/health/afe4403.c | 299 ++++++++------------
drivers/iio/health/afe4404.c | 308 +++++++++------------
drivers/iio/health/afe440x.h | 48 +---
4 files changed, 295 insertions(+), 455 deletions(-)
rewrite Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-bus-iio-health-afe440x (72%)


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