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SubjectRe: Feature request, "create on mount" to create mount point directory on mount, implied remove on unmount
On Fri, 03 Jul 2015 13:01:59 +0100, jon said:
> Hi, could I make a hugely nieve user request :-)
> Would it be possible to add a new mount option to everything?
> New mount option 'com' = "create on mount" (implied remove on unmount).
> Example fstab entry
> /mounts/amountpoint LABEL=notalwayshere ext4,com

I'll bite. What system administration problem does this solve?

In particular, automount has been around in one form or another *at least*
since SunOS3.2 in the mid 80's, and I have seen it work with huge user maps
(10k+ users). How did it cope for 30+ years without this feature?

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