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SubjectKernel Summit 2015: Call for Proposals
The annual Kernel Summit for 2015 will be held October 26th through
the 28th in Seoul, South Korea, overlapping with the Korea Linux Forum,
which will be on October 26th.

The format of the Kernel Summit will be:

* Monday: Workshops and break out sessions (overlap with Korea Linux Forum)
* Tuesday: Dual-track technical sessions
* Wednesday: Invite-only core attendees' plenary sessions

The Core plenary day will be focused on topics which are not
appropriate for any of the subsystem-specific workshops or
minisummits, and which cannot be easily resolved using the normal
e-mail and IRC channels. These include issues about our overall
development process, and topics which span multiple subsystems.

The workshops are intended for kernel subsystem developers or the
handling of other topics needing an intensive half- or full-day
discussion. There will also be a room for specialized discussions
that come up at the last minute, or which perhaps don't require as
much time as a workshop, which will be scheduled in an unconference

The technical sessions will be open to all workshop attendees as well
as the core attendees to discuss specific technical issues that would
be easier to resolve in person than over e-mail. The program
committee will also consider "information sharing" topics if they are
clearly of interest to the wider development community (i.e., advanced
training in topics that would be useful for subsystem maintainers).

For space reasons, we try to cap the attendance of the core plenary
day to around 80-100 people. We have created an initial list of
nominations for that core plenary day, based on the top 3rd or 4th
percentile of commit authors or reviewers since the end of the last
kernel summit. You can see that list here:

Since it is a mechanically generated list, it's obviously going to be
incomplete (even if it has over 150 people). So if you think that
there are people who should be on the list, you can nominate people
(self nominations are ok), by sending a note to:

Please also let us know if you notice an obsolete or incorrect e-mail
address on the list.

As in past years, people who are the first to suggest a particularly
interesting topic and/or who actively and positively engage in the
discussion of those topics will get special consideration by the
program committee.

If you would like to suggest a topic, please send a separate e-mail
for each topic, so we can more easily track the discussion, and please
tag your e-mail with [CORE TOPIC] or [TECH TOPIC] depending on whether
the topic would be a better fit for the Monday sessions or the
Wednesday sessions. Also include a list of people who you think would
be valuable in participating in the discussion.

If possible, please send topic requests before July 31st, since that's
about when we will start evaluating the list of potential attendees.
Obviously, if new topics come up after that, please still send them to
us! For one thing, invites will be going out in stages. For another,
we want to make sure the kernel summit will be as useful as possible,
and so if you think there's something that the kernel community needs
to consider, we'd like to know about it!

If you were not subscribed on to the kernel-discuss mailing list from
last year (or if you had removed yourself after the kernel summit),
you can subscribe to the discuss list using mailman:

For reference, previous years' kernel summits were covered by LWN at:

If you are interested in leading one of the workshops on Tuesday,
please contact the kernel summit program committee with your proposal

The 2015 Kernel Summit Program Committee

James Bottomley
Jonathan Corbet
Mel Gorman
Dirk Hohndel
Grant Likely
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Martin K. Petersen
Paul McKenney
Andrew Morton
Steven Rostedt
Theodore Ts'o

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