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SubjectRe: [linux41] regression with 'x86/cacheinfo: Move cacheinfo sysfs code to generic infrastructure' on AMD i686
Hi Borislav,

I'm fine with that decision. I tested your patch alone and the
combination with Thomas' changes. Both work to solve this problem.

Do whatever suits best for this matter. Thx to you too for providing
solutions so fast.

kind regards

p.s. what do you mean by top-post?

Am 26.07.2015 um 16:42 schrieb Borislav Petkov:
> On Sun, Jul 26, 2015 at 12:54:55PM +0200, Philip Müller wrote:
>> I can confirm your patch working. However, it might be good to use yours
>> and Thomas' in combination to solve this properly.
> Please do not top-post.
> We could use Thomas' too although from looking at it,
> detect_cache_attributes() allocates a per-CPU per_cpu_cacheinfo thing
> for each CPU. By the time we hit cache_shared_cpu_map_remove() in
> free_cache_attributes(), those per_cpu_cacheinfo(cpu) things are still
> allocated. We kfree them in the next step only.
> But I like the moving of the check from the CPU hotplug callback to
> free_cache_attributes().
> So I'll merge the two patches and write up a proper commit message,
> unless someone objects.
> I'll add your Tested-by too.
> Thanks.

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