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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 1/3] IRQ/Gic-V3: Add mbigen driver to support mbigen interrupt controller
Hi Marc

在 2015/7/16 21:37, Marc Zyngier 写道:
>> For example, An device with total 5 interrupts connected to Mbigen node.
>> In mbigen chip, the default eventID value for each device starts from 0.
>> So, for these 5 interrupts the default eventID value is from 0 to 4.
>> Because the default eventID is fixed in mbigen chip, to make these 5 interrupt
>> work, the only way is define all these 5 interrupts in dts file.
> But the ITS doesn't read these interrupts, and won't let you program the
> translation either.
>> When irq initializing, ITS driver will allocat LPI interrupt number for these
>> 5 interrupts, for example : from 8192 to 8196. and the eventID value is from 0 to 4.
>> Now, the allocated eventID value same as the eventID value encoded in mbigen chip,
>> The interrupt can work.
> But that's pure luck! What if I decide to change the allocation method
> so that all the devices share a common ITT?
> Have you really hardcoded the Linux behaviour in your hardware?
>> I know this is not a good method,but for current mbigen chip,it's the only solution.
> I'm sorry, I can't call this a solution.
Yes,you are right. This is not a right way to solve the problem.
This problem will be fixed in next version chip.

> M.

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